What’s in a name? For businesses — including restaurants — a name can be everything. If people don’t remember the name of your restaurant, they’re less likely to throw it out as a suggestion for dinner — let alone visit your establishment.

Of course, that doesn’t make it easy to come up with a name. There are so many factors to consider — something that is easy to remember, a name that reflects your cuisine or mission, and making sure that your name isn’t similar to another restaurant in the area.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most creative restaurant names that we could find, both here in the United States and around the world. We’re also giving you some tips on how to come up with a name that works for your restaurant — a name that you can then put on your own custom cups, bags, bowls and more. 

Most Unique, Funny, or Just Plain Memorable Restaurant Names

There are a number of ways to go when it comes to naming your restaurant — from a reference to your style of food or location to creating something that will stand out in customers’ minds. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best restaurant names.

Cultural References

One of the best ways to get a cult following — in addition to serving great food — is by incorporating a reference to pop culture in your name. The name can then carry through with a theme within your restaurants. For fans of that particular bit of culture, your restaurant may become a destination spot — and be a huge boon to business. If nothing else, people will be more likely to remember your restaurant’s name because it relates to something that they already know.

Examples of restaurants that did cultural references include:


References to pop culture may not be your thing, but how about puns? A witty play on words can make your restaurant stand out, especially if the name ties back to the food that you serve. Here are a few great examples:

Simply Unique Names

Beyond puns and cultural references, you can give your restaurant a name that stands out due to its unusual nature. 

Need Help Brainstorming? Use Our Free Restaurant Name Generator

If reviewing the above restaurant names hasn’t sparked any ideas for your own restaurant, you can use our free restaurant name generator to do the heavy lifting for you. Our generator asks for a few simple inputs such as your city, the type of food you plan to serve and a signature dish you want your restaurant to be known for. The generator will then create a restaurant name for you. You can continue to generate new names until you find the one you like. Click the button below to give our restaurant name generator a try.

How Can You Come Up with a Great Name for Your Restaurant?

After reading these lists of fun and interesting restaurant names, you may be wondering how you can possibly compete. While many restaurant owners have come up with memorable names, that doesn’t mean that there are none left for your own place. You’ll just need a strategy that helps you figure out a name that will not only get attention — but will become an essential part of your brand.

First, think about what makes your restaurant different from others in your community. This may include:

    • The cuisine that you will serve
    • Special menu items
    • The type of drinks that you will serve
    • Important ingredients or style of preparation (such as farm to table)
    • Your decor, including color scheme
    • Your location
    • The vibe that you hope to achieve
    • Any names that may be important

Based on these factors, brainstorm some keywords that may be the basis of your restaurant name. For example, if you will be opening a restaurant in an area that has historical or cultural significance, think about incorporating it into your name. Be creative — and include as many ideas as you can so that you’ll have more to work with when picking a name.

Second, use a restaurant name generator. These online tools allow you to input keywords to help you figure out a name — or may just generate completely random combinations of words. Even if you don’t use any of the suggested names, one might spark an idea. Online restaurant name generators include:

Third, if you still haven’t decided on a name — or if you’re stuck between a few ideas — ask people in your life for their input. A brainstorming session can be a fun way to get options for your restaurant name. Perhaps more importantly, your friends and family can critique potential choices, letting you know that the name doesn’t make sense, isn’t as creative or funny as you thought it was, or that it would be confusing to potential customers.

Fourth, once you have landed on a name, check to make sure that it hasn’t been taken. While it probably won’t matter if a restaurant in another part of the country has the same name, it can make marketing difficult. Even without brand confusion, you may not be able to get your preferred website name, social media channels, and other forms of branding. If your name is taken, choose another one on your list — or start the process over to come up with some new ideas.

Got a Great Restaurant Name? We’ll Help You Show It Off.

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