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Creative Fast Food Restaurant Names

Creative Fast Food Restaurant Names

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  Fast food is incredibly popular in the United States. Across the country, there are 194,395 fast food restaurants – including major corporate franchises like McDonald’s and Wendy’s as well as independently-owned pizza joints and sandwich shops. While many restaurants experienced financial strain as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, fast food and fast casual restaurants fared well – and are poised to experience even more growth in the coming years. If you own a fast food restaurant – or want to open one – you may be curious as to how you can set your establishment apart from the pack. One of the easiest and best ways to do so is by choosing a great name. With a unique moniker, you can increase your marketing efforts and even come up with a memorable logo and slogan to match.  Budget Branders works directly with independently-owned restaurants, bars, and coffee shops to provide the highest quality custom printed disposable cups, bowls, bags, and more. We understand that the pressures faced by entrepreneurs in this economy can be overwhelming. That is why we are committed to helping our clients make the most out of their advertising dollars with custom branded products.

Why Does Having a Memorable Name Matter?

Many restaurant owners don’t put much thought into the name of their restaurant. With all of the work that you have to do to get funding and approvals for your business, a name may be somewhat of an afterthought – or something that you don’t spend a whole lot of time brainstorming. Many fast food and fast casual restaurants have relatively simple names, such as using a family name for a pizza place. While this can be an easy way to choose a name – and it is often a distinct name – it might not help you stand out from the crowd. A good name lets customers know what to expect when they visit your establishment. In a way, it is a promise to customers of what they can expect when they walk through the door: will it be a quirky place that will make customers smile? Does it offer healthier versions of classic foods? Or does your restaurant specialize in home-style cooking? The name that you choose should give prospective patrons an idea of what they’ll get when they choose to dine at your restaurant. Remember: customers often see your restaurant’s name when scrolling through an app or website, looking for somewhere to eat. A name that tells people a little something about who you are and what you do can be incredibly helpful to pique interest. At the same time, you want to make sure that the restaurant name is short and sweet. People aren’t going to remember a long phrase or complicated words. Keep it simple and to the point if you want people to remember your name. Finally, make sure that your name is unique. Not only will this keep you out of legal trouble (remember “McDowell’s” restaurant in Coming to America?), but it will also avoid any confusion. After all, you want people to visit your restaurant – not the place on the other side of town that has a similar name. Below, we have collected a list of more than 200 creative names that can help to get your creative juices flowing. Once you’ve gone through the list, sit down and brainstorm a great name of your own!

200+ Creative Fast Food Restaurant Names

Funny Fast Food Restaurant Names

One way to make sure that your customers remember your name? Make them laugh! These restaurant names are sure to bring a smile to your patrons’ face – and might even help to sell merchandise!
  1. Burgatory
  2. How Ya Dough’n
  3. Lettuce Turnip The Beet
  4. Franktuary
  5. Cheesy Does It
  6. Kale Me Crazy
  7. The Dairy Godmother
  8. Temptasian
  9. Nacho Problem
  10. Lettuce Eat
  11. What the Pho
  12. Basic Kneads Pizza
  13. Lox Stock & Bagels
  14. Juan More Taco
  15. Vincent Van Doughnut
  16. Lettuce Be Frank
  17. The Notorious P.I.G.
  18. Nacho Daddy
  19. Juan in a Million
  20. Baugetteaboutit
  21. Party Fowl
  22. Like No Udder
  23. A Salt & Battery
  24. Slice of Life
  25. Thai Me Up
  26. Moon Wok
  27. Over the Tapas
  28. Hot Dogma
  29. Men at Wok
  30. Franks-a-Lot
  31. The Meat Wagon
  32. I Dream of Weenie
  33. Bread Zeppelin
  34. Look on the Fat Side
  35. Little Green Men
  36. Meat Your Maker
  37. Hunger Games
  38. Prawn Phreak
  39. Sunny Side Up

Catchy Names for Fast Food Restaurants

A catchy name – such as something that rhymes, uses alliteration, or is just fun to say – is sure to stick in your customers’ minds. These restaurant names are a great place to get inspiration if you’re looking to come up with a memorable name for your fast food restaurant.
  1. Curry in a Hurry
  2. The Angry Avocado
  3. Tasty Trails
  4. Pork on a Fork
  5. Mama Mai’s Noodles
  6. Jajaja
  8. Catch of the Day
  9. Dough Donuts
  10. Buck & Bull
  11. Super Supper
  12. Divine Pastabilities
  13. Rasta Pasta
  14. Meals in a Minute
  15. Rockin’ & Roastin’ Cafe
  16. Food in a Flash
  17. Food Dash
  18. Snack Sprint
  19. Takoyaki Town
  20. Speedy Spice
  21. Food, Glorious Food
  22. Snappy Snacks
  23. Big Mouth Bobby
  24. Minute to Win It
  25. Finish Line Foods
  26. Street Style
  27. Jamaica Mi Krazy
  28. Pho’n’Go
  29. The Food Dude
  30. Crunchilicious
  31. Thai & Mighty
  32. Happy Daze
  33. Pies n’ Thighs
  34. Sake2Me Sushi
  35. Brew Ha Ha
  36. Trucking Delicious
  37. Tacolicious
  38. The Green Guys
  39. Fearless Foodies
  40. Divine Donuts
  41. Taste of Home
  42. Macho Meals
  43. Lunch n’ Munch
  44. Hungry Bunny
  45. The Daily Deli
  46. Steak Escape

Descriptive Fast Food Restaurant Names

Sometimes the best names for a restaurant are those that describe what type of food you serve or what your ambiance is like. These names use the cuisine style in creative ways to let customers know what to expect – and to help them remember the name.
  1. Nothing Bundt Cakes
  2. Rolling in Dough
  3. Big League Burgers
  4. Urban Eatery
  5. Snacks in Seconds
  6. Wasabi
  7. Meat ‘n Cheese
  8. The Burger Lab
  9. Pie in the Sky
  10. Fish Ahoy
  11. Burgerville
  12. The Kebab King
  13. That’s a Wrap
  14. Semolina
  15. Taco Palace
  16. Vegan City
  17. The BBQ Boys
  18. Just Jerks
  19. Snack Factory
  20. The Sushi Shack
  21. Tiny Tarts
  22. The Flavor Haven
  23. Mr. Burger
  24. The Chicken and the Cow
  25. The Lunch Box
  26. Backyard Bowls
  27. The BBQ Bus
  28. Burger Barn
  29. Food Fusion
  30. The Salty Potato
  31. Farm to Table Fast Food
  32. The Chicken Coop
  33. King Taco
  34. Fresh Table
  35. Garden of Eat’n
  36. Spicy Kitchen
  37. Holy Mole
  38. Pig ‘n Pancake
  39. Heat n’ Run
  40. Wisepies
  41. Just BeClaws
  42. BBQ Brothers
  43. The Wurst Shop
  44. The Meat Mobile
  45. Tasty Pots
  46. Nutrition Hub
  47. Square Pie
  48. Sweet Treats
  49. Box Full of Happiness
  50. Desi Spice Hub
  51. Bread & Butter
  52. Sugar and Spice
  53. Pots and Ladles

Classy Names for Fast Food Restaurants

Just because you operate a fast food or fast casual restaurant does not mean that it is a downmarket place. You can still serve elevated food – and have a name to match.
  1. Wild Thyme Cafe
  2. The Green Bowl
  3. Hello Bistro
  4. Firefly Fast Food
  5. Egglectic Cafe
  6. Pizza Siena
  7. Thai Zone
  8. Cafe Flora
  9. The Food Depot
  10. The Chef’s Wife
  11. Tasty Temptations
  12. Food for the Soul
  13. Food Revolution
  14. Union Kitchenette
  15. Fast and Fresh
  16. Mint Kitchen
  17. Nature’s Bounty
  18. The Market Eatery
  19. Cafe Atlantis
  20. The Arcadian Cafe
  21. Cade Soul
  22. The Mad Chef
  23. The Food Gallery
  24. Urban Food
  25. The Lunch Hour
  26. The Chef Stop
  27. The Green Mushroom
  28. The Patio

Clever Fast Food Restaurant Names

Just like funny restaurant names, clever names that are based on a cultural reference or even a pun will give your customers a chuckle. Use your own favorite pop culture references or food type as a jumping off point to come up with your own clever restaurant name.
  1. Water Pig BBQ
  2. Call Your Mother: A Jew-Ish Deli
  3. Live to Eat
  4. The Munch Box
  5. Aesop’s Tables
  6. Mustard’s Last Stand
  7. Killer Pizza from Mars
  8. Open Sesame
  9. Unphogettable
  10. Sconehenge Bakery
  11. The Great Impasta
  12. Brew’d Awakening Coffeehouse
  13. Lord of the Wings
  14. Dubious Clams Brewing Company
  15. The Glass Onion
  16. Aesop’s Bagels
  17. The Drunken Taco
  18. The Prairie dog
  19. Egg Slut
  20. Hang Over Easy
  21. Hot Chix
  22. The Lunch Bunch
  23. Fat Baby
  24. Lord of the Fries
  25. Holy Smokin’ Butts BBQ
  26. Thai Tanic
  27. Mr. & Mrs. Bun
  28. No Name Restaurant
  29. Leaping Lizard Cafe
  30. Earth, Wind and Flour
  31. Lord of the Greens
  32. Cookie Monstah
  33. Goldilox Bagels
  34. The Lunch Line
  35. Grillenium Falcon
  36. India Jones
  37. Game of Greens
  38. 16 Handles
  39. Tequila Mockingbird
  40. Sherlock’s Home
  41. Life of Pie
  42. Pita Pan
  43. The Holy Grail Pub
  44. Olive or Twist
  45. The Codfather
  46. Frying Nemo
  47. Cheesy Does It
  48. The Pit Stop
  49. Out to Lunch
  50. 9021Pho

Need More Inspiration? Try Our Restaurant Name Generator!

Coming up with a great name for your restaurant is easier said than done. When you’re already mired in details like financing, payroll, leases, and more, it can be hard to devote the extra brain power to brainstorming names. Our restaurant generator can help you get started. This free tool is easy to use – all you need to do is input some basic info (location, cuisine, your name, and a signature item from your menu). The software will then spit out a list of names that may include one that you love – or may give you an even better idea for a fast food restaurant name!

Name Ideas For Specific Types Of Restaurants

Fast food is a pretty broad restaurant category. Will you be opening a Mexican fast food restaurant, an Italian fast food restaurant or something else? You can view creative names for specific types of restaurants below. 

Decided on a Name? It’s Time to Start Branding!

Now that you have a name – or a head start on choosing one – it’s time to make that name work for you. There are lots of ways to market your restaurant, from social media to traditional advertising to special events. You can also boost your brand in a simple, cost-effective way by purchasing custom printed disposable products for your restaurant. Unlike sit-down restaurants, fast food restaurants rely on disposable products to serve their guests food. Adding your name is a can’t-miss branding opportunity for any restaurant owner. And with Budget Branders’ fair prices and low ordering requirements, even small and independently-owned fast food restaurants can have their own branded products. Our team will work with you to ensure that you get the highest quality products that will make it easier than ever to spread the word about your business. If you’re ready to learn more, submit a contact form or a quote request for one or more of our products. We’re always available to answer questions. Simply press the live chat button to get started.


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