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Creative Indian Restaurant Names

Creative Indian Restaurant Names

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There is no doubt about it: Indian food is absolutely delicious. Yet despite how incredible it tastes, Indian cuisine is nowhere near as popular as other types of food. According to the Washington Post, there are approximately 40,000 Chinese restaurants and 40,000 Mexican places in the U.S. – and just 5,000 Indian restaurants. That being said, there is huge potential for growth in the Indian restaurant industry. Indian Americans are the second-largest immigrant group in the United States. And beyond Desis, millions of Americans are realizing just how amazing Indian food is. In fact, the market share or Indian food is the fastest-growing of any ethnic cuisine. With Indian food becoming more popular than ever before, it is a great time to run an Indian restaurant. One way to make sure that your establishment gets the attention (and customers) that it deserves? Choosing a really great name. At Budget Branders, we know that restaurant owners have faced a lot of challenges over the past few years. We’re here to help, with a full line of custom disposable products to meet our clients’ needs. Below, pick up some great tips for naming your Indian restaurant – then put that new name and logo to work on branded cups, bowls, bags, and more.

What’s In a Name?

You may not think that the name of your restaurant matters that much. After all, there are hundreds (or thousands!) of successful Indian restaurants with straightforward names like “India Garden” or “All India.” And of course, these names serve a great function: they clearly tell customers what type of food you offer. Yet a more creative name can often help you stand out from the crowd. This is particularly important in an era where so many decisions about where to order take-out or dine in a restaurant are made on websites and apps. When potential patrons are scanning lists of restaurants, having a more unique name may increase the likelihood that they’ll choose to buy your food instead of someone else’s. A great restaurant name should hint at what you serve, including your specialities. If you feature Southern Indian food, for example, then you might want to highlight flavors like tamarind or your dosas. Does your chef focus on Northern Indian cuisine? A great name might call attention to your use of garam masala, naan, or curries. The name that you choose should also be simple and easy to remember. We’re all inundated with information every day. Having a relatively short name – ideally one that sticks in people’s minds – can ensure that people don’t forget it. Finally, your name should be unique. India King might be a good name – but not if there are 3 other India King restaurants in your city. Before you commit to anything, be sure to do a quick google search to confirm that your name is different from others in your community. Below, we have compiled a list of more than 180 creative names for Indian restaurants. Use it as a jumping off point for your own brainstorming session!

200+ Creative Indian Restaurant Names

Catchy Names for Indian Restaurants

Serving really great food is just one key to making sure that customers don’t forget about your business. Having a name that is easy to remember is another good way to achieve this goal. Whether you use rhymes, alliteration, or just a good combination of words, these catchy names will make sure that your clients remember you.
  1. Curry in a Hurry
  2. Mumbai in Minutes
  3. Spice is Nice
  4. Rikki Tikki Take-Out
  5. Chais and Thais
  6. Spice Is Nice
  7. Hurry Curry
  8. Killer Kabobs
  9. Delhi’s Belly
  10. Bengaluru Bites
  11. Kabob Korner
  12. The Hot Hindi
  13. Mumbai Tummy
  14. The Paneer Pot
  15. Chutney Story
  16. Mumbai Masala
  17. Paapi Pet
  18. Oh! Calcutta
  19. Kabob n’ Kurry
  20. Desi Dera
  21. Roti Boti
  22. Tandoori Time
  23. Spice It Up
  24. Kurry Kingdom
  25. Roti Time
  26. Curry Kitchen
  27. Mild 2 Spicy
  28. Emperor of India
  29. Spicy Bite
  30. The Gandhi Restaurant
  31. Spice ‘N’ Rice
  32. Spice Shuttle
  33. Cumin & Curry
  34. Hyderabad House
  35. Biryani Bliss
  36. Malai Marke
  37. Khana Khazana
  38. Killer Kebab

Punny Indian Restaurant Names

When you make someone laugh, they’re more likely to remember your restaurant. These clever names feature a play on words that will bring a smile to your patrons’ faces. 
  1. Cumin Go
  2. Naansense
  3. Lotus Feed You
  4. Naan Better
  5. Kipling’s Regret
  6. Zen and Out
  7. Curry-oser and Curry-oser
  8. Curry Favor
  9. Red-Yellow-Green Curry
  10. Tikka ‘n Talk
  11. The Tikkawala
  12. Urban Turban
  13. The Flying Carpet
  14. Once Upon a Flame
  15. Spice on Wheels
  16. House of Delhi-cacies
  17. Bollywood Spice
  18. Lentils Lately
  19. Curry Cooker
  20. No Meat Naan
  21. Lettuce Eat
  22. Mahabelly
  23. Mitra Di Chaap
  24. Bhookemon
  25. Munch Box
  26. Indian Chop
  27. The Kofta Corner

Food-Based Indian Restaurant Names

One of the easiest ways to highlight your cuisine is to name your restaurant after a prominent ingredient. With so many incredible spices and dishes to choose from, you’re sure to find a stand-out name just by looking at your menu!
  1. The Surly Kabob
  2. Masala House
  3. The Scrupulous Naan
  4. Paneer Palace
  5. House of Dosa
  6. Bayleaf and Beyond
  7. The Curried Goat
  8. Chickpeas and More
  9. Royal Chai
  10. Chai Five
  11. The Curry Lounge
  12. Everything Spice
  13. Herbaceous
  14. The Spice Delight
  15.  Tandoori Palace
  16. Curry Corner
  17. Biryani Central
  18. Butter Chicken Bites
  19. The Curry Spoon
  20. Ginger & Garlic
  21. Tremendous Tandoori
  22. The Spice Factory
  23. Curry Kingdom
  24. Kabob Island
  25. The Spice Club
  26. Masala Magic
  27. Paratha Factory
  28. Tandoori Grill
  29. The Paneer Bar
  30. The Spice Bar
  31. Kabob Express
  32. Cardamom Kitchen
  33. The Curry Company
  34. Samosa Junction
  35. Biryani Grill
  36. Curry Junction
  37. The Green Chutney
  38. The Curry Cooker
  39. Dal Roti Wala
  40. Gulab and Jamun
  41. Chaiwala
  42. Desi Sugar Blast
  43. Saffron Delights
  44. The Kofta Corner
  45. Dosa World
  46. Sambar Spice
  47. Indian Soup Factory
  48. The Naan Bus
  49. Tikka Bites
  50. Roll on Samosas
  51. Tikka Taco
  52. Dosa on Wheels
  53. Rolling Roti
  54. Bombay Biryani Cafe
  55. Chutney Story
  56. Masala Chai Cafe
  57. Kabab Masala
  58. Curry King
  59. Samosas and Mimosas
  60. Sambar Corner
  61. Supreme Dosa
  62. Spirit of Chai
  63. Chamcha Lounge
  64. The Curry Leaf
  65. Chickpea Curry House
  66. Curry Leaf Cafe
  67. Bombay Burgers
  68. Shahi Lassi House
  69. Dal Roti Wala
  70. Biryani Street
  71. Madras Cafe
  72. Naan Pizza
  73. Naan-N-Masala
  74. Paprika

Funny Names for Indian Restaurants

During a time when the news is often depressing, giving people a reason to laugh can be a huge boon to business. Get your customers in the mood for a great meal with these funny Indian restaurant names.
  1. Naan of the Above
  2. Mata Hari’s Fate
  3. Punjabi By Nature
  4. Tikka on Wheels
  5. The Scared Cow
  6. Desilicious
  7. The Fat Indian
  8. Desi Palace
  9. The Indian Taco Guy
  10. The Holiest Cow
  11. Naan Better
  12. Fat Sindhi
  13. The Delhi Belly
  14. Masala Bites
  15. Vindaloo Voodoo
  16. The Indian Pressure Cooker
  17. Veggie Balls
  18. Samosa Loco
  19. Maha Belly
  20. Naan Sense
  21. Via-Agra
  22. Like No Udder
  23. India Jones
  24. Cowboys And Indians – Indian-Tex Fusion
  25. The Second Wife
  26. Soda Bottle Opener Wala
  27. Tandoori Nights

Names for Upscale Indian Restaurants

Many people associate Indian restaurants with lunch buffets or take-out food. In reality, Indian food is incredibly varied and complex – and can be just as fancy as cuisine from anywhere else. Celebrate your food with one of these incredible names.
  1. Tamarind
  2. Seven Spices
  3. Bombay Tiger
  4. Royal Biryani
  5. Namaste
  6. Bombay Social Club
  7. Mumbai Chef
  8. Passport to India
  9. The Indian Palate
  10. The Duke of Mumbai
  11. Namaste Garden
  12. Bodhisattva’s Garden
  13. Madras Cafe
  14. Chaat Mahal
  15. The Maharaja Club
  16. Silver Spoon
  17. Imperial Spice
  18. Mumbai Diners’ Club
  19. The Blue Taj
  20. The Punjabi Kitchen
  21. Spirit of India
  22. Cafe Malabar
  23. The Imperial Indian
  24. Taste of Chennai
  25. Flavors of Punjab
  26. Indian Jewel
  27. Bengali Bistro
  28. Indian Dynasty
  29. Ram Bharose
  30. Cinnamon Bazaar
  31. Saffron
  32. Madras Cafe
  33. Savya Rasa
  34. Spirit of India
  35. Bay Leaf Modern Indian Cuisine

Need Some More Help? Try Our Restaurant Name Generator!

This list of creative Indian restaurant names may have given you a good start, but the hard part often resides in coming up with something unique that fits your business. To assist you, we have developed a free restaurant name generator. Using this tool is easy. Just put in your location, the type of food that you serve, your name, and a signature menu item. The software will give you a list of options that you can tweak to come up with something that fits your restaurant best. 

Name Ideas For Other Types Of Restaurants

We’ve curated some of the best brand names for more than just Indian restaurants. You can view some of our other creative name lists below.

Ready for the Next Step? We’re Here to Help!

Having a creative, interesting, or funny restaurant name isn’t the final step of this process. To truly make your name work for you, you’ll need to market it effectively. One of the most cost-effective ways to do this is through custom-branded disposable products. When your customers get take-out or carry home leftovers, they’ll be sharing your restaurant name throughout the community. Budget Branders is an independently-owned business that strives to help fellow entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. We know that most small and medium-sized restaurants simply cannot order millions of disposable products at once – but they can still benefit from the marketing opportunities that these products bring. We offer custom printed bags, coffee sleeves, cups, bowls, and more at prices and in quantities that work for non-chain restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and breweries. We want to be a partner in your restaurant’s success. To get started, just submit a contact form or a quote request for one or more of our products. We’re always available to answer questions. Simply press the live chat button to get started.


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