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Creative Ice Cream Shop Name Ideas

Ice Cream Shop Name Ideas

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Ice cream is a classic treat for a reason. Who doesn’t love two scoops on a waffle cone on a summer day – or an ice cream cake to celebrate a birthday? Today, there are more ice cream varieties than ever before and a high level of demand for this confection.

If you want to give the ice cream business a go, you may already have a great concept – but are stuck on a name. A good ice cream shop name should be distinct, memorable, and provide at least a hint of what you are selling. Our list of more than 200 creative ice cream shop name ideas can help you get started with your brainstorming session.

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What’s in a Name?

For some entrepreneurs, naming their business comes easily. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of opening up an ice cream parlor, or you have a family name that you’ve always wanted to use. But even if you already have a name in mind for your ice cream shop, it’s still a good idea to take some time to do some brainstorming.

A good ice cream shop name should be unique and memorable. It should also convey something about your brand as a business – such as your commitment to high-quality ingredients or your sense of humor. It should also inform potential patrons of what to expect when they visit your shop – such that you are gluten-free or that you avoid major allergens.

So how can you come up with a good name for your ice cream shop? To start, you will want to write down your business’s mission statement and vision. You should also include details such as the type of ice cream that you will be offering, the vibes that you want to create, any adjectives that you’d use to describe the shop, and other key facts, such as family names or something unique about your location. For example, if you’re located in a college town, you might work in their mascot or something about the university into the name.

The goal of doing this is to think about words, phrases, and ideas that are potentially relevant to your ice cream shop. For example, if you offer lower-fat frozen yogurt, you might want to incorporate words related to health. On the other hand, if you will be selling more decadent frozen custard, you might list words that highlight just how rich (or even sinful!) your frozen confections are. 

Before making any final decisions – or if you can’t seem to come up with a name – you should reach out to the community. This could be as simple as talking to friends, family, and business partners about potential names. You can also create a poll on social media to get even more input on potential names.

If you’re still stuck, you can try a restaurant name generator. These tools allow you to input a few keywords or terms, and come up with a variety of options. It may not give you the exact name that you want – but it may provide you with inspiration to continue brainstorming.

Once you have a few ideas for ice cream shop names, the next step is to make sure that they are not taken. You can run a few quick searches on Google, your state’s corporation database, and even the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. That way, you will be sure that you have a truly unique name, that you won’t confuse customers, and that you won’t find yourself dealing with legal issues!

200+ Unique Ice Cream Shop Names

Coming up with a name for any business can be challenging. Ideally, it will be short, easy to spell and remember, and accurately describe what you are selling. Below, we have compiled a list of more than 200 creative ice cream shop names. Some of these names are for real ice cream stores – so be sure to do a search to make sure that your preferred name isn’t taken before you commit to anything!

Ice Cream Shop Names With Puns

  • Legendairy Creamery
  • Everyday is Sundae
  • Scooptacular
  • Scoop-A-Doodle Doo
  • Chill Vibes
  • Nice Cream
  • The Big Dipper
  • Lickity Splits
  • In One Fell Scoop
  • Just Chill
  • The Creamatorium
  • Not Just Vanilla
  • Got the Scoop
  • The Inside Scoop
  • Sweet Surrender
  • The Sundae Times
  • What’s the Scoop
  • The Latest Scoop
  • Frosheezy
  • Oh Fudge Ice Cream
  • Counter Culture Frozen Yogurt
  • The Sweet Spot

Ice Cream Shop Names With Cultural References 

  • I Scream, You Scream
  • Rolling Cones
  • Two Scoops Are Better Than One
  • Watch Me Whip
  • The Ice Dragon
  • Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
  • I Dip, You Dip, We Dip
  • Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles
  • Game of Cones
  • The Manic Sundae
  • Ice, Ice Baby
  • Scoopy Doo
  • Cream de la Cream
  • The Sugarplum Fairy
  • Romancing the Cones
  • Custard’s Last Stand
  • The Ice Palace
  • Sweet Escape

Ice Cream Shop Names With Alliteration

  • Sprinkles & Scoops
  • Double Delight Dairy
  • Tasty Temptation
  • Frozen Fuzions
  • Frosty Fun
  • Frosty Flavors
  • Gelato Galore
  • The Sundae Safari
  • A Sweet Surprise
  • Pure Pleasures
  • Blissful Bites
  • Frosty Frenzy
  • Gorgeous Gelato
  • Icy Indulgences
  • Scoop Street
  • Cool Cravings
  • Freezer Faves
  • Sundae Serenity
  • Gourmet Gelateria
  • Frozen Fantasia
  • Frozen Fantasies
  • The Creamy Carousel
  • The Sugar Swirl
  • Creamy Creations
  • Scoop & Smile
  • Scoop Station
  • Devious Desserts
  • Sweet Swirls
  • Cool Creations
  • Glacier Gourmet
  • Icy Indulgence
  • The Sugar Shack
  • Dipsy-Do
  • The Milkshake Man
  • Parfait Pleasures
  • Cold Culture
  • The Sweet Squad
  • The Scoop N Scootery
  • Churned Charms
  • Morton’s Moo
  • Delightful Dairy
  • Cups N Cones
  • Scrumptious Scoops
  • The Splendid Scoop
  • Frost & Fizz
  • Glacial Gourmet
  • Polar Peaks
  • A Sprinkle Symphony
  • Dairy-Free Delights
  • The Scoop Scientists
  • Savvy Swirls

Rhyming Ice Cream Shop Names

  • Cone Zone
  • The Ice Cream Dream
  • Sundae Funday
  • Fat Cat Creamery
  • Whip ‘n Dip
  • Queen of Cream
  • The Scoop Troop
  • Gourmet Sorbet

Food-Based Ice Cream Shop Names

  • Creamland
  • With a Cherry on Top
  • Popsicle Paradise
  • Tiny’s Milk & Cookies
  • The Ice Cream Crusader
  • Butter & Cream
  • The Ice Cream Social
  • Ice Cream Insomnia
  • But First, Ice Cream
  • Smoosh Cookie Sandwiches
  • Happy Cones
  • Gelato Junction
  • Ice Cream Oasis
  • Señor Snow Cone
  • Ice Cream Mania
  • The Ice Pop Collective
  • Coconut Bliss
  • Chillax Ice Cream
  • Milk, Cream, Sugar

Other Creative Ice Cream Shop Names

  • Main Street Scoops
  • Honeycomb Creamery
  • 32 Degrees Ice Cream
  • Coolhaus
  • Churn
  • Sweet Firefly
  • The Organic
  • Scoop-a-Palooza
  • Before It Melts
  • Two Scoops of Fun
  • Chilled Confections
  • Scoops to Go
  • Scooplicity
  • A La Mode
  • Frosty Spoonful
  • The Sugar Rush
  • A Scoop of Indulgence
  • Blue Sky Ice Cream
  • Churned Creamery
  • Subzero Treats
  • The Brain Freeze
  • Melt Ice Creams
  • The Ice Creamsmith
  • Secret Creamery
  • Frozen Euphoria
  • Sugar Rush
  • Loblolly Creamery
  • Sweet Cream Journeys
  • Coolicious
  • Chill Zone
  • Spoonfuls of Joy
  • Sweet Addiction
  • Frozen Bliss
  • Happy Cow Creamery
  • Scoops Ahoy
  • Creamy Dreamscapes
  • Cremalosa
  • Mix n’ Match Ice Cream
  • Scoops of Heaven
  • Sweet Wonders
  • Honey’s Homemade Ice Cream
  • Dairy Joy
  • The Sweet Freeze
  • A Frosty Wonderland
  • Arctic Delights
  • Wanderlust Creamery
  • Chill on Park
  • Scoop of Happiness
  • Swirly World
  • The Ice Creamery
  • Roll It Up Ice Cream Shop
  • Frozen Temptations
  • Icy Delights
  • The Creamery
  • How Many Licks Ice Creamery
  • Creamscape
  • Chilltopia
  • The Scoop Lab
  • Craft Ice Creams
  • Zen Cone
  • Radical Scoops
  • The Chill Coast
  • The Frozen Spoon
  • Ice Cream IQ
  • The Ice Dream
  • Sprinkles Creamery
  • Scoops
  • The Frozen Spoon
  • A Frozen Affair
  • The Gourmet Scoop
  • Radical Scoops
  • Sweet Treats & More
  • Naturally Sweet
  • Ice Cream Innovation
  • Artful Scoops
  • The Frozen Udder
  • Heavenly Scoops
  • Scoop City
  • Just a Spoonful
  • The Sweet Theory
  • Little Man Ice Cream
  • The Tipping Cow
  • Cone Quest
  • Creamy Chills

Other Sources For Name Inspiration

Work with Budget Branders to Grow Your Ice Cream Business

Ice cream is a classic treat that is popular year-round – and throughout the world. An ice cream shop can be a fantastic business. Coming up with a great name can be one way that you can attract customers – and set yourself apart from the competition.

After you have picked a name for your ice cream shop, reach out to Budget Branders. We offer a full range of branded disposable products that can be used to increase your marketing reach. We work with all types of food service businesses, including ice cream shops and ice cream trucks, to help them increase their brand visibility and sales through the use of custom promotional products.

Our company sells branded paper cups, custom coffee sleeves, custom ice cream cups, custom soup cups, branded paper bags, and custom sandwich bags, each of which can be printed with your ice cream shop’s name and logo. We sell all of our branded disposables in smaller quantities so that our products are accessible to all. 

If you’d like to learn more about our full line of disposable products, we’re available to talk. Fill out our online contact form or hit the live chat button to get started.


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