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200+ Creative Bakery Name Ideas

Creative Bakery Names

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Baking requires a particular skill set. Unlike cooking, where improvisation often results in great results, baking is a science that requires far more precision. Many people struggle to produce consistent, beautiful baked goods as a result – and so they turn to bakeries for their cakes, pies, cookies, and more.

If you’re skilled with pastry or bread, you may consider opening up a bakery. As part of your business plan, you will need to come up with a name. It should reflect the kinds of baked goods you are offering – and be memorable in some way. We have compiled a list of more than 200 creative bakery names to get you started.

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How to Pick a Name for Your Bakery

Whether you are starting a home-based bakery out of your kitchen or want to open up a patisserie, one of the first decisions that you will have to make is choosing a name. The name should help you stand out from competing bakeries in your community – but it should also represent your brand well and be easy to pronounce and remember.

So how do you go about choosing a bakery name? For many bakery owners, the first step is writing down some key factors about your bakery. This can include:

  • The type of baked goods you will be offering – pies, cakes, doughnuts, bread, scones, macarons, cookies, or something else entirely!
  • Your core values and mission
  • The proposed location of your bakery
  • A description of what your bakery is about (i.e., high-end French-style pastries, homestyle cookies, and cakes, or something in between).

This list should give you a jumping-off point for bakery names. For example, if you want to focus on scones, donuts, or other breakfast items, you might try to incorporate something about breakfast into your bakery name. Alternatively, you could work your geographic location into the name or something about your core values – like noting that you use only organic ingredients.

Once you have come up with some ideas, you can play around with these concepts using a restaurant name generator. With this type of tool, you can input some keywords – like pie, Poughkeepsie, and fresh – to come up with some name ideas. While some may not be particularly usable, they can still give you a direction (or at least let you know what you don’t want to name your restaurant!).

Next, you will need to double-check that any potential names aren’t taken. You don’t want to confuse customers by having a name that is similar to a competitor’s – and you don’t want a legal battle over intellectual property. You can use your state’s corporation database to search and see if the name is already taken. You can also do a simple Google search to see if the name is already taken.

Any names that you are considering should be easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. While you might want to do something clever, like incorporate the “3.14….” number into the name of your pie shop, think about whether that will help or hinder your ultimate goal of having people remember your bakery’s name. 

Finally, you should consider whether any proposed bakery name fits in with your branding. A name might be funny, for example, but it might not work well with your overall modern, streamlined aesthetic. Any name that you choose should fit in well with your overall branding strategy. 

200+ Unique Bakery Names 

Let’s face it – coming up with a creative bakery name that reflects your mission and is also memorable can be hard. While you can go with something tried and true, such as your name plus the type of baked goods you are making, you might also want to go for something more unique. Below, we have compiled a list of more than 200 bakery names (some of which exist in real life!) to help you brainstorm.

Bakery Names With Puns

  1. Sconehenge Bakery
  2. Dream Puffs
  3. The CinnaMan
  4. Cake It or Leave It
  5. Bake It Stop
  6. In the Mix
  7. Bake It to the Limit
  8. Rise to the Occasion
  9. Making Dough
  10. Baugetteaboutit
  11. Cake Me Proud
  12. Bake Love, Not War
  13. Torte Reform
  14. The Way The Cookie Crumbles
  15. The Dough Knot
  16. Piece of Cake
  17. Crust a Move
  18. Bun in a Million
  19. Batter Up
  20. Dough Re Mi Bakery
  21. Nothing Bundt Cakes
  22. For Goodness Cakes
  23. Whisk Me Away
  24. You Knead a Break
  25. Cake Superior
  26. Baby Cakes
  27. The Bun Also Rises
  28. The Sweet Spot
  29. That Takes the Cake!
  30. Rise and Shine
  31. Cake My Day
  32. Absolutely Dough-Licious

Bakery Names With Cultural References

  1. Vincent Van Doughnut
  2. The Mad Batter
  3. The Bread Pitt
  4. The Grateful Bread
  5. The Muffin Man
  6. Pie Hard
  7. Cake’s Anatomy
  8. Bread Zeppelin
  9. Chuck E. Cakes
  10. The Caked Crusader
  11. The Pied Piper
  12. Game of Scones
  13. Got Buns, Hun
  14. Crumb Together
  15. The Yeastie Boys
  16. The Great Bakesby
  17. A Sweet Escape
  18. The Rolling Scones Bakery
  19. Let Them Eat Cake
  20. Bake Me Home Tonight

Bakery Names With Alliteration

  1. The Sugar Shop
  2. Confection Connection
  3. Sugar Suite
  4. The Bread Basket
  5. Rockin’ Rolls
  6. The Baking Blueprint
  7. Sugarbrush Studio
  8. Nouveau Nibbles
  9. Frosted Fantasies
  10. Black Bird Bakery
  11. Dough & Delicacies
  12. The Cake Corner
  13. Bread & Butter
  14. Pastry Pulse
  15. Sugar Street
  16. The Bread Box
  17. The Bake Boss
  18. Scone Society
  19. The Cake Code
  20. The Frosted Fig
  21. Carnival of Cakes
  22. The Cake Cart
  23. Piped Perfection
  24. The Pastry Playground
  25. The Dreamy Danish
  26. The Crusty Croissant
  27. The Pastry Palace
  28. The Brownie Bistro
  29. Delectable Dreams
  30. The Baking Bee
  31. The Sugar Shack
  32. Dough Depot
  33. Bakes & Bites
  34. The Muffin Maven
  35. Midnight Munchies Bakery
  36. Bread Bazaar Bakery
  37. The Dessert Den
  38. The Bread Boutique
  39. Baking Brilliance
  40. The Cake Crew
  41. The Scrumptious Scone
  42. Tasty Treasures Bakery
  43. Treats & Tarts
  44. The Biscuit Basket
  45. The Edible Element
  46. Pastry Passion
  47. Butter & Bliss Bakery
  48. The Baking Bunch
  49. Sweet Success
  50. The Cupcake Corner
  51. The Glazing Gourmet
  52. Sugared Spatula
  53. The Flour Factory
  54. The Charming Crumb
  55. Batter Bliss Bakery
  56. The Crust & Crumb Company
  57. The Doughnut Den
  58. Frosting Forest Bakery
  59. Blissful Boulangerie
  60. The Loaf Life
  61. Enchanted Eclairs
  62. Baked Bliss
  63. Puff & Pastry
  64. Sweet Salvation
  65. The Whimsical Whisk
  66. Sweet Sensations

Rhyming Bakery Names

  1. Pie in the Sky
  2. Holy Cannoli
  3. Bake ‘n Flake
  4. Flour Shower
  5. Treats & Sweets
  6. Flour Power
  7. Scone Zone
  8. Batter Chatter
  9. Pie or Die
  10. A Cake Take
  11. Slice & Spice

Food-Based Bakery Names

  1. Queen of Tarts
  2. Cake O’Clock
  3. The Gingerbread House
  4. Snickerdoodles 
  5. Hole in One Donuts
  6. Cake O’Clock
  7. Bun in the Oven
  8. Anytime Cakes
  9. Cookie Encounter
  10. Cupcake Nation
  11. Cake-A-Licious
  12. Cake Walk
  13. The Twisted Churro
  14. Frosting Goddess
  15. The Cake Fairy
  16. Mrs. Sugarcakes
  17. The Cake Whisperer
  18. Cake Expectations
  19. Angel Cakes
  20. Sweetie Pies
  21. The Crusty Loaf
  22. The Bread Lab
  23. The Cookie Jar
  24. Sugarplum Bakery
  25. The Heavenly Croissant
  26. The Perfect Loaf

Other Creative Bakery Names

  1. But First…Cake
  2. Our Daily Bread
  3. Kneady Delights
  4. The Frosted Oven
  5. Cloud Nine Bakery
  6. Bakeology
  7. The Artful Bakery
  8. The Sugar Canvas
  9. The Sweetest Thing
  10. Cinnamint Bakery
  11. Sugar Bloom Patisserie
  12. The Sweeter Side of Life
  13. The Cooling Rack
  14. The Sugar High
  15. Layered with love
  16. The Cakery
  17. Humble Pie
  18. Black Forest Bakery
  19. Heavenly Confections
  20. Sweet Sphere Bakery
  21. Flour Babies Bakery
  22. The Sweet Tooth
  23. The Frost Boss
  24. The Sweet Life
  25. A Sweet Surrender
  26. Morning Bliss Bakery
  27. The Cinnamon Swirl
  28. Baked to Perfection
  29. The Divine Indulgence
  30. Baked Wonders
  31. We Knead Dough
  32. The Pastry Corner
  33. Room for Dessert
  34. The Daily Knead
  35. The Enchanted Bakery
  36. Fresh Baked
  37. Cozy Cottage Bakery
  38. The Second Rise
  39. The Sugar Rush
  40. Flour Fusion Bakery
  41. Fiddle Fern Bakery
  42. Bakery Square
  43. Sweet Serendipity Bakery
  44. Pretty Baked
  45. Divine Dough Bakery
  46. Sweet Dreams Bakery
  47. The Sugar Buzz Bakery
  48. The Modern Crumb
  49. The Baker’s Table
  50. Sugar Nook Bakery
  51. The Rolling Pin
  52. Artisanal Delights Bakery
  53. The Cravery
  54. The Cookie Table Bakery

Other Sources For Name Inspiration

In need of more inspiration? Sometimes the right name can come from a source you wouldn’t expect. You can search outside your industry with our creative name collections for other types of food and beverage service businesses: 

How Budget Branders Can Help Your Bakery

Even in a diet-conscious society, bakeries will always have a place. We use sweet treats as a way to celebrate and commemorate special occasions and major life events. If you want to start your own bakery, choosing a great name will help you attract business – and stand out from the crowd. 

Once you have chosen a name, Budget Branders can help you achieve your marketing goals. Branded disposable products are a cost-effective way to expand your advertising by ensuring that your name remains top of mind for customers and potential patrons alike. 

Budget Branders works with all types of food and hospitality businesses – including bakeries – to help them increase both brand visibility and sales with promotional disposable products. Our branded paper cups, custom coffee sleeves, custom dessert cups, custom soup cups, branded paper bags, and custom sandwich bags can all be printed with your bakery’s name and logo. All of our items are available in smaller quantities so that even a relatively small bakery can afford to buy and store our products.

If you’d like to learn more about our full line of disposable products, we’re available to talk. Fill out our online contact form or hit the live chat button to get started.


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