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Creative Coffee Shop Names

Creative Coffee Shop Names

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In the not-too-distant past, coffee was something that you made at home, or perhaps something that you drank at a diner. With the advent of Starbucks and other massive coffee chains, however, coffee shops have become a staple in the U.S. In fact, experts predict that there will be at least 40,900 coffee shops in the country by the end of 2025. Americans love java – and they especially love the coffee shop experience. If you operate a coffee shop (or dream of opening up a shop of your own), then you may be curious how you can draw in more customers. One method that can help is choosing a truly creative name for your coffee shop to make customers smile, laugh, or just remember your business when they think about getting a coffee. Budget Branders partners with restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and breweries throughout the United States to help make their businesses more successful. We offer a full line of custom coffee cups, custom coffee sleeves, custom paper bags, and custom soup bowls that can be custom printed with your business’ name, logo, and/or slogan. Once you have decided on a name for your coffee shop, give us a call for a free quote on the disposable products that you use most.

How to Choose a Name for Your Coffee Shop

When you’re in the planning stages of starting your own business, you might not put too much thought into the name of your coffee shop. After all, there are tons of important details to figure out first, like getting funding, writing a business plan, and figuring out legal requirements like food handlers’ licenses. Yet having a great name is one of the most fundamental aspects of running a profitable business – particularly in the food and hospitality industry, where competition is fierce and far too many businesses fail. So how can you pick a name that truly reflects your business…and helps you market yourself more effectively? There are a few steps that every entrepreneur should follow when choosing a name for their business. The first and perhaps most important thing is to think about your mission. When you consider why you do what you do – and what you are hoping to accomplish – it can really help you pick a name that is memorable and unique. You should also focus on keeping it simple. Our attention spans are shorter than ever, and no one is going to remember a long and overly complicated restaurant name. Try to keep the name to just a few words and make sure that it isn’t too hard to say or spell. Finally, make sure that you do your research before committing to any name. Not only do you want to avoid confusion, you also don’t want to use anyone else’s intellectual property.  Ready to get started? We have put together a list of 200+ names for coffee shops that are sure to inspire your own brainstorming session!

200+ Creative Coffee Shop Names

Upscale Names for Coffee Shops

Coffee shops can be almost anything you want them to be, from a funky hangout to a grab and go spot to a beautiful place to sit down with a cup of coffee. If you’re creating a more refined coffee shop, these elegant names are sure to reflect the vibe that you want to project.
  1. Revival
  2. King’s Row Coffee
  3. Rise & Shine
  4. Elm Coffee Roasters
  5. Cafe D’Bolla
  6. Peregrine Espresso
  7. Renaissance Cafe
  8. Commonwealth Cafe
  9. Coffee Roasterie
  10. Diva Espresso
  11. Grassroots Cafe
  12. Sunset Cafe
  13. Old Town Roastery
  14. Obelisk Cafe
  15. Viva Coffee
  16. Rendezvous
  17. Maison Mocha
  18. Cafe Royale
  19. East End Espresso
  20. Pegasus Coffee Bar
  21. Cafe Robusta
  22. The Java Club
  23. Organic Roastery
  24. Bluebird Cafe
  25. Trilogy Cafe
  26. Cafe Voila
  27. Cafe Bellissimo
  28. Primo Coffee
  29. Rosebud Cafe

Funny Coffee Shop Names

Making a joke is a sure-fire way to get your customers to remember your name. It also creates a lot of great branding opportunities! These funny names for coffee shops may inspire you to come up with your own humorous name.
  1. Wired Puppy
  2. The Daily Grind
  3. The Meeting Grounds
  4. Steaming Hotties
  5. Steamy Beans Coffee
  6. Bean There, Drank That
  7. Brew HaHa
  8. Espresso Patronum
  9. Espresso Yourself
  10. Grind On
  11. Jitterbug Cafe
  12. F*ckoffee (a real coffee shop in the U.K.!)
  13. Brew’d Awakening 
  14. The Bean Counter
  15. Mr. Bean
  16. Grounded by Nature
  17. Higher Grounds
  18. Sugar ‘n Spice Coffee Shop
  19. Pour Some Sugar On Me
  20. Wonder Fuel Express
  21. Rise & Grind
  22. My Cup Runneth Over
  23. Bean There, Drank That

Pun-Based Coffee Shop Names

Coffee is such a huge part of our culture that it’s easy to come up with puns about one of our favorite drinks. These clever names will definitely stand out – and may even boost java sales!
  1. It’s a Grind
  2. Deja Brew
  3. Afternoon Delight Coffee House
  4. Mucho Mocha
  5. Ancient Grounds
  6. Alice in Brewland
  7. Punky Brewer’s Coffee House
  8. Just Add Coffee
  9. No Doze Cafe
  10. Latte Life
  11. Common Grounds
  12. Sacred Grounds
  13. All Steamed Up
  14. Love You a Latte
  15. Perkatory
  16. Bean Hive Cafe
  17. Cool Beans Cafe
  18. Solid Grounds Coffee
  19. Has Beens
  20. Kiss the Bean
  21. Coffee Bean Delight
  22. A Sip of Glory
  23. Thanks a Latte
  24. Fleetwood Macchiato
  25. Brewology
  26. Bean There, Done That
  27. Jumpin’ Beans Coffee
  28. Yo’ Joe Coffee Shop
  29. The Grind House
  30. Bean Me Up
  31. Bean Around
  32. Espresso Yourself
  33. Holy Grounds
  34. Brew Up a Good Idea
  35. Just Brew It
  36. Tweak Your Break
  37. All About That Bean
  38. Cawfee Tawk
  39. A Break from the Grind
  40. Kamikaze Coffee Company

Catchy Names for Coffee Shops

Names that rhyme, feature alliteration or are fun to say can be a great choice. When picking a name, just be sure to not get too crazy with spelling so that your customers know what you are selling!
  1. Top Pot
  2. Smooth Brew
  3. The Daily Drip
  4. Espresso Express
  5. Frothy Fresh Brews
  6. The Blessed Bean
  7. The Caffeine Factor
  8. The Brew Box
  9. The Coffee Connection
  10. Kickstart Coffee
  11. Mocha Joe’s
  12. The Busy Bean
  13. Jitters & Java
  14. Brew Brothers
  15. Mocha & Munchies
  16. The Coffee Corral
  17. The Java Zone
  18. Metro Mocha
  19. Java Jive
  20. Coffee & Cookies
  21. Zombie Coffee
  22. Bikini Beans
  23. Java Junkies
  24. Mugs & Magic
  25. The Bean Machine
  26. Lava Java
  27. Mocha Mood
  28. Creme De La Creme
  29. Flat Back Coffee Company
  30. Latte Loca
  31. Java Planet
  32. The Bean Box
  33. Drip Drop Coffee Shop
  34. Rainbow Roast
  35. The Coffee Lab
  36. Cup of Joy
  37. Grinders Cafe
  38. Big Bean
  39. City Coffee
  40. Nuts about Coffee
  41. Cup o’ Joe
  42. Jumpstart Coffee House
  43. Cuppa Coffee
  44. Beans ‘n Cream Cafe
  45. Aroma Mocha
  46. Evoke Espresso
  47. Rockin’ & Roastin’ Coffee Shop
  48. Hug-a-Muga
  49. Topped Off
  50. Cornerstone Cafe
  51. The Nippy Bean
  52. Grinders’ Cafe
  53. Impresso Espresso
  54. Coffee Club
  55. Karma Espresso
  56. The Best Bean
  57. Craft Coffee Cafe
  58. Butter Beans
  59. Coffee on the Rocks
  60. Pour Professionals 

Quirky Coffee Shop Names

Coffee shops offer a unique opportunity to get a bit funky when it comes to your decor and theme. If your coffee shop trends towards the unusual, these names might be great inspiration.
  1. DV8 (Deviate)
  2. Scone City
  3. Bad Ass Brews
  4. Bark Espresso
  5. Stumptown
  6. Sanctuary Coffee
  7. The Morning Vibe
  8. A Second Cup
  9. The Dark Side
  10. Java Break
  11. The Steam Room
  12. Red Barn Coffee Roasters
  13. Beach Bum Cafe
  14. Well Roasted
  15. The Beanery
  16. Bean Street
  17. Awake and Afraid
  18. The Brewing Emporium
  19. Taproom Coffee
  20. The Curious Cat
  21. Intermission Cafe
  22. Java Landing
  23. Cozmo Coffee
  24. Cloud 9 Espresso
  25. Communal Coffee
  26. Dark Horse Coffee Company
  27. Red Eye Roasters
  28. Screamin’ Beans
  29. Black Eye Coffee
  30. The Muddy Cup
  31. Pavement Coffee House
  32. Retro Coffee
  33. The Ugly Mug
  34. The Hideout
  35. Whipped Coffee
  36. Fluid Coffee Bar
  37. Unravel Coffee
  38. Premium Pour Over
  39. The Split Bean
  40. Brew Culture
  41. Elemental Cafe
  42. The Coffee Fairy
  43. Javalux
  44. Ritual Coffee
  45. Second Cup Coffee Company
  46. Serendipity Coffee Bar
  47. Sweetbean Cafe
  48. Pine Tree Coffee
  49. The Dreamy Moose
  50. The Pouring Monkey
  51. Roasted Baristas
  52. The Stacked Bean
  53. Bubble Bee Coffee
  54. The Coffee Department
  55. Giddy Up Coffee
  56. Alchemy
  57. Purity Coffee

Stuck on a Name? Give Our Restaurant Name Generator a Whirl!

Picking a name for your coffee shop can be easy – or it can be the kind of thing that makes you realize that creativity just isn’t your thing. Have no fear: even if you aren’t coming up with cool ideas, you aren’t consigned to a boring, nondescript coffee shop name. We have created a restaurant name generator that uses details about your shop – such as where it is located, what you serve, your name, and a signature dish or drink – and comes up with options. Once you have put in this basic info, you can choose from the list of names or use the list to come up with a completely unique name of your own. Give it a try!

Other Creative Name Ideas

You don’t have to only look at coffee shop names to find inspiration for your coffee shop. Inspiration may strike you elsewhere. You can veiw our other creative name posts below. 

Let Budget Branders Help Your Coffee Shop Thrive

When you run a coffee shop, you go through a lot of disposable products – especially coffee cups and coffee sleeves. Branding those products is a simple, effective way to market your business. When your customers grab a cup of coffee to go, they’ll be a walking advertisement for your shop as they go to work, stop at a store, or simply go about their day. At Budget Branders, we work hard to help small to medium sized businesses get the products that they need to succeed. We offer high quality custom-printed disposable products at prices and in quantities that make sense for independently-owned coffee shops. You can print your coffee shop logo or design on our custom plastic cups, custom paper cups, custom ripple cups, custom dessert bowls, custom deli bowls, custom sandwich bags, custom wax deli paper, custom napkins, and more. Custom-branded products can take your marketing efforts to the next level. If you want to learn more, fill out a contact form or send us a quote request for one or more of our products. Have questions? Simply press the live chat button to get started.


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