Bar Branding | The Complete Guide

Welcome to the Complete Guide of Bar Branding! Today we’re going on a deep dive into the in’s and out’s of bar branding. We will discuss how to establish your bar’s purpose, and more importantly, how to communicate that purpose to your patrons. Step 1: Find Your “Why” First of all, you need to know your bar’s purpose. Why does your bar operate the way it does? Why does your bar serve what it serves? Your purpose will give your…

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What is PET Plastic? | The Highlights

What is PET Plastic: The Basics Before we discuss the ins and outs of PET plastic, you might be wondering what PET plastic stands for. PET is short for its chemical name: polyethylene terephthalate. You may also see PET abbreviated as PETE, PETG, APET, PETP or PET-P. Similarly to how tissue paper is commonly referred to as “Kleenex”, PET plastic may be referred to as it’s brand names Dacron (US), Terylene (UK), or Lavsan (Russia). PET has many properties that…

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