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200+ Ice Cream Shop Slogan Ideas

ice cream shop slogans

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As summer approaches, ice cream shops are about to get even busier. While many people view ice cream as a year-round treat, others reserve frosty desserts for warmer weather. Whether your ice cream shop is only open in the summer or operates 365 days a year, having a good marketing plan can help it succeed.

A slogan is a key component of a branding strategy. It should be relatively short, memorable, and provide a quick description of what your ice cream shop offers. Our list of more than 200 ice cream shop slogans – including a few real-world examples – will help you get started on your own slogan-writing process.

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What Is An Ice Cream Shop Slogan?

A slogan is a short phrase that is often used as part of a marketing campaign. It should be catchy, easy to remember, and related to your brand. Ideally, customers will hear your slogan and immediately remember what is unique about your business – like KFC’s “finger-lickin’ good” slogan that evokes eating fried chicken.

Slogans may evolve over time – such as the Burger King (BK) “Have It Your Way” slogan, which changed to “You Rule” in 2023.  This slogan is even part of an advertisement song that went viral – which shows just how effective a good slogan can be.

Why Does My Ice Cream Shop Need A Slogan?

It isn’t always necessary to have a slogan. However, it can often be a good addition to your branding – along with a logo, brand colors, and other features.  

In many cases, a slogan is the first thing that people think of when it comes to your restaurant or ice cream shop. For example, when people think of Dairy Queen, they may think of “Hot Eats, Cool Treats.” This slogan is a great example of being both clear and memorable – it is short, rhymes, and describes the Dairy Queen menu of both hot food items and ice cream treats.

How To Write An Effective Ice Cream Shop Slogan

So how can you write a slogan for your ice cream shop? There are a few things to consider when you decide to create a slogan, including your concept, target audience, branding, and any popular slogans that already exist. A good ice cream shop slogan should be specific to your mission and easy to understand and remember.

Start With Words That Define Who You Are

Make a list of words that describe your business. This could be related to your mission (such as only serving ice cream made from organic ingredients), your dining style (such as takeout only), or the vibe that you are trying to evoke (a retro 50s ice cream parlor, for example). This list will help you come up with potential slogans.

Highlight What Makes You Unique

Ideally, your ice cream shop slogan should focus on what makes your business special – such as “Hot Eats, Cool Treats,” which emphasizes that you can get a hot meal and dessert at DQ. Try to not choose anything that could be said about any ice cream shop – like that you offer sprinkles and cones. If you have something unique to offer – like making ice cream roll-ups, for example – focus on that.

Tailor Your Message To Your Target Audience

Consider your customer base. For ice cream shops, this often means kids and families – but it could be college students or young professionals, depending on your location. Think about what kind of customer you are hoping to attract, and make sure that your slogan aligns with that goal.

Talk to customers, staff, and other supporters. When you are brainstorming, it can be easy to get stuck. People who are loyal to your ice cream shop will likely have some good ideas about what makes it fun, different, and worth a visit. They can give you feedback on potential slogans or add words to your list.

Keep Your Slogan Shorter

Make sure that any slogan is short, catchy, and unique. The point of a slogan is to make it easy for people to remember it. If your slogan is wordy, then it won’t achieve that goal. Keep it short, and try to make it memorable – like Little Caesar’s “Pizza Pizza” slogan. It should also be unique so that you aren’t running into trademark issues with any competitors.

200+ Memorable Ice Cream Shop Slogans

Coming up with a slogan for your business can be challenging. If you’re looking for inspiration, we have come up with a list of more than 200 ice cream shop slogans – some from real-life restaurants – to help you get started.

  1. Scoops of Fun
  2. Ice Cream Makes Everything Better
  3. Exploring Sweet Horizons with Each Bite
  4. Making Every Scoop Count
  5. Mobile Munchies, Miles of Smiles
  6. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Our Creamy Scoops
  7. Happy Tastes Good (Dairy Queen)
  8. Creamy Dreams Brought to Life
  9. Cruisin’ with Cones
  10. Perfect for Summer
  11. Where Every Flavor is a Journey
  12. A World of Ice Cream Wonders Awaits
  13. Cool Treats for Cool Kids
  14. Because Nothing Beats a Sweet Treat on a Hot Day
  15. Frozen to Perfection
  16. Indulge in the Extraordinary
  17. Get the Scoop on Our Delicious Flavors
  18. On a Mission to Sweeten Your Day
  19. Indulgence Elevated to a Frozen Art
  20. Come for the Ice Cream, Stay for the Fun
  21. Sundae Best, Always
  22. What Flavor Will You Discover Today?
  23. Life Is Short, Eat the Ice Cream
  24. Your Ice Cream Oasis on Wheels
  25. Scoops of Fun for Everyone
  26. Experience the Chill, Taste the Thrill
  27. Exquisite Taste Guaranteed
  28. No Ice Cream, No Peace
  29. Flavors as Unique as You Are
  30. Flavors That Dance on Your Tongue
  31. Cream It Up
  32. Sweetness Delivered to Your Doorstep
  33. Scooping Up Sunshine on Cloudy Days
  34. Life’s Better with Sprinkles
  35. Taste the Magic of Frozen Dreams
  36. Seize the Yay (Baskin-Robbins)
  37. Heavenly Flavors for Your Every Craving
  38. Sundae Funday on the Move
  39. Sweetness Overload
  40. Chill Out with Our Creamy Delights
  41. Melt Away Your Worries, One Cone at a Time
  42. More Scoops for More Smiles
  43. Rollin’ with My Conies
  44. Frozen Fantasies in Every Bowl
  45. Rolling Happiness, One Cone at a Time
  46. Taste the Magic in Every Scoop
  47. Our Ice Cream Is as Sweet as Your Smile
  48. Scoops on Wheels
  49. Savoring Sweet Moments, One Spoonful at a Time
  50. Simply Irresistible Ice Cream
  51. Scoopfuls of Happiness in Every Bite!
  52. Scoop There It Is!
  53. Indulge in Frozen Bliss
  54. Swirls of Delight, Pure and Bright
  55. Dessert Nirvana in Every Bite
  56. Lickety-Split Goodness
  57. Get the Scoop, Right on Your Street
  58. Scoop into Paradise, No Passport Required
  59. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with a Scoop
  60. Cold Comfort for Hot Days
  61. Street Smart Sundaes
  62. Crafting Happiness, One Cone at a Time
  63. Chill Out, We’ve Got Dessert Covered
  64. From Our Heart to Your Cone
  65. A Symphony of Flavors in Every Scoop
  66. Embrace the Frosted Magic Within
  67. The Road to Happiness is Paved with Ice Cream
  68. Brain Freeze, Please!
  69. Elevate Your Senses with Every Spoonful
  70. Bringing Smiles, One Sundae at a Time
  71. Lick the Stress Away
  72. Sundae Funday, Every Day
  73. Crafting Smiles, One Scoop at a Time
  74. In Cone We Trust
  75. Creamy Creations, Endless Temptations
  76. Wherever You Are, We Bring the Chill
  77. Spoon-er or Later, You’ll Crave It
  78. Because Life Is Sweeter with Ice Cream
  79. Taste the Tradition, Savor the Flavor
  80. I Like Big Scoops, and I Cannot Lie
  81. Frozen Joy in Every Scoop
  82. The Cone Ranger: Fighting Hunger One Scoop at a Time
  83. Sweet Dreams, Creamy Delights
  84. The Taste of Summer, On Four Wheels
  85. Scoops of Joy, Hugs for Your Taste Buds
  86. Creating Memories, One Sundae at a Time
  87. Swirling Happiness into Every Cup
  88. Cone-quer Your Cravings
  89. Frozen Delights for Every Palate
  90. Unleash Your Inner Child 
  91. Scoops of Joy, Pints of Delight
  92. Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream
  93. Chillin’ Like a Villain
  94. Don’t Worry, Eat Happy
  95. Taste the Fantasy, Embrace the Chill
  96. Satisfying Sweet Treats on the Go
  97. Cone-spiracy Theories: Uncovered Daily
  98. Chillax and Enjoy the Creamy Max
  99. Savor the Chill, Love the Thrill
  100. Creamy Creations, Sweet Sensations
  101. Scoop Up Love, Share the Joy
  102. Ice Cream Bliss, Just a Lick Away
  103. Life’s Better with a Scoop (or Two)
  104. Discover Your Happy Place in a Cone
  105. Pleasure in Every Bite
  106. Cold Treats, Warm Hearts, Can’t Lose
  107. Spoonfuls of Happiness, Scoops of Love
  108. The Ultimate Ice Cream
  109. I’m Just Here for the Sprinkles
  110. Unlocking the Creamy Secrets of Happiness
  111. Flavors Made with Love
  112. Where Every Flavor is a Celebration
  113. We All Scream for Extraordinary
  114. Because Life Deserves a Little Extra Sweetness
  115. Serving Up the Scoop of the Day
  116. Frozen Treats, Rolling to Your Rescue
  117. Chilled to Perfection
  118. Where Fresh Meets Frosty
  119. Our Ice Cream is the Cherry on Top of Your Day
  120. The Taste of Summer
  121. Too Cool for School, but Not for Ice Cream
  122. Life Is Short. Get the Ice Cream.
  123. Our Passion, Your Pleasure
  124. Amazing Ice Cream, Affordable Prices
  125. Premium Flavor Perfection
  126. Make Every Scoop Count
  127. Sustainability, One Scoop at a Time
  128. Ice Cream: Because Adulting is Hard
  129. Cooling Off Has Never Tasted So Good
  130. Where Taste Meets Imagination
  131. Scoop the Unconventional
  132. Bringing Families Together, One Scoop at a Time
  133. Generations of Ice Cream Love
  134. Cooling Off in Style
  135. Cool, Creamy, and Oh-So-Dreamy
  136. Freeze the Moment, Savor the Flavor
  137. Happiness on Wheels, Just for You
  138. Spoonfuls of Wonder
  139. The Cutting Edge of Creamy
  140. Born to Scoop, Forced to Work
  141. Where Happiness Melts in Your Mouth
  142. Parent Approved, Kid Adored
  143. Bold Flavors, Fresh Attitude
  144. Dive into Deliciousness
  145. A Symphony of Sweetness Awaits
  146. Sweetening Your Life, One Sundae at a Time
  147. A History of Sweetness in Every Cone
  148. Why Wait for Dessert? Start with Ice Cream!
  149. Crafting Moments, One Scoop at a Time
  150. A Scoop of Nostalgia in Every Cup
  151. Discover the Magic Inside the Cone
  152. Churned to Perfection
  153. A Symphony of Flavors in Every Cup
  154. Cooling Cravings, One Scoop Closer
  155. Frosty Fantasies to Tempt Your Taste Buds
  156. Dreamy Desserts to Lift Your Spirits
  157. Cold, Creamy, and Not a Care in the World
  158. Savor the Sweet Moments with Us
  159. Flavors That Stand the Test of Time
  160. Sweet Dreams, Sweeter Sundaes
  161. A World of Ice Cream Wonder
  162. From Kids to Grandparents, We’ve Got You Covered
  163. Where Innovation Meets Sweetness
  164. The Future of Frozen Flavor
  165. Satisfy Your Inner Child’s Sweet Tooth
  166. Brain Freeze: A Sign of Genius
  167. From Our Parlor to Your Palate
  168. Bringing Flavorful Adventures to Your Plate
  169. Tantalizing Your Taste Buds with Every Swirl
  170. Every Scoop Tells a Delicious Story
  171. Coneheads Welcome!
  172. Cooling Your World, One Scoop at a Time
  173. Time Stops for a Scoop
  174. Where Every Bite is a Frozen Hug
  175. Unleash Your Inner Ice Cream Lover
  176. Bask in the Sweetness of Our Creations
  177. Experience Ice Cream Perfection
  178. Whisking Up Frozen Dreams
  179. A Symphony of Flavors to Delight Your Senses
  180. Creamy Creations, Pure Perfection
  181. Frosted and Fabulous
  182. Crafting the Perfect Scoop
  183. Happiness is an Ice Cream Cone Away
  184. Every Flavor, Every Occasion
  185. Scoops of Laughter, Pints of Joy
  186. The Ultimate Cool Down
  187. Creating Sweet Moments Together
  188. A Scoop Worth Savoring
  189. It’s All Fun and Games Until the Ice Cream Melts
  190. Your Destination for Sweet Satisfaction
  191. Experience the Magic in Every Swirl
  192. Because Every Day Deserves a Sundae
  193. Artisanal Flavors, Timeless Pleasure
  194. Cooling Off Curbside, One Cone at a Time
  195. Scooping Up Family Fun
  196. A Scoop for Every Mood
  197. A World of Flavors Awaits
  198. Savor the Unexpected
  199. Dive into Deliciousness
  200. Scooping Happiness Since 2024
  201. The Sweetest Escape in Town
  202. Bold, Creamy, Cold
  203. Scooping Up Sunshine
  204. Crafted with Love, Scooped with Care
  205. A Wonderland of Frozen Taste

Want Custom Branded Products for Your Ice Cream Shop? We Can Help!

A slogan can be a great way to help both current and potential customers remember your business. Once you have developed a slogan for your ice cream shop, the next step is to get it out there. One simple and effective way to do so is through the use of promotional products – ensuring that every customer leaves your shop with a piece of advertising.

Budget Branders understands that smaller food service businesses can’t afford to buy millions of dessert cups, napkins, and other branded disposable products at once. That is why we sell all of our products in smaller quantities and at fair prices. Whether you want to serve root beer floats in custom plastic cups or wrap homemade waffle cones in wax paper printed with your shop’s name and slogan, we can help.

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