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150+ Ice Cream Shop Slogan Ideas

Ice Cream Shop Slogan Ideas

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Let’s face it: everyone loves ice cream. It’s a classic treat for a reason – it’s cool, creamy, sweet, and delicious. Even if you live in a cold region, an ice cream shop can be a hit year-round.

Part of running a successful ice cream shop or ice cream truck is marketing your business. A good slogan that is short, memorable, and clear can help your branding soar. We have compiled a list of more than 150 ice cream shop slogans to help you create a great slogan for your business.

At Budget Branders, we work with all types of food services businesses – including ice cream trucks and shops – to help them get high-quality, affordable promotional products. Our full line of custom-printed disposable products includes custom plastic cups, custom napkins, custom paper bags, custom ice cream bowls, and more. Each of our products can be branded with your ice cream shop’s name, logo, and slogan. Reach out to our marketing team to learn more.

What Is a Slogan?

A slogan is a phrase that a business creates that describes what makes it unique. While a slogan isn’t required, it is often helpful to use as part of a larger marketing strategy. To be effective, a slogan should be both memorable and easy to understand.

Why Does My Ice Cream Shop Need A Slogan?

In many cases, a slogan is the first thing that people think of when it comes to your restaurant or ice cream shop. For example, when people think of Dairy Queen, they may think of “Hot Eats, Cool Treats.” This slogan is a great example of being both clear and memorable – it is short, rhymes, and describes the Dairy Queen menu of both hot food items and ice cream treats.

Slogans are often used as part of jingles or an advertising campaign. They may even evolve over time – such as the Burger King (BK) “Have It Your Way” slogan, which has changed to “You Rule” in 2023.  This slogan is even part of an advertisement song that went viral – which shows just how effective a good slogan can be.

How To Write An Effective Ice Cream Shop Slogan

So how can you write a slogan for your ice cream shop? There are a few things to consider when you decide to create a slogan, including your concept, target audience, branding, and any popular slogans that already exist. A good ice cream shop slogan should be specific to your mission and easy to understand and remember.

Highlight What Makes You Unique

Ideally, your ice cream shop slogan should focus on what makes your business special – such as “Hot Eats, Cool Treats,” which emphasizes that you can get a hot meal and dessert at DQ. Try to not choose anything that could be said about any ice cream shop – like that you offer sprinkles and cones. If you have something unique to offer – like making ice cream roll ups, for example – focus on that.

Keep Your Slogan Shorter

A slogan should be short and sweet. If it’s longer than 10 words, it won’t be memorable – and it won’t be something that pops into customers’ heads when they think about your shop. Think about Subway’s slogan of “Eat Fresh” – just 2 words that convey a lot about the brand.

Tailor Your Message To Your Target Audience

Finally, make sure to consider your audience. You probably could come up with a racy slogan for an ice cream shop…but given that ice cream is often a treat for kids, that may not be a smart idea. Think about who you are trying to attract to your business, and tailor your slogan accordingly.

150+ Ideas for an Ice Cream Shop Slogan

Let’s face it: coming up with a slogan can be challenging. Even after brainstorming sessions with family and friends, you may still be stuck. Below, we have come up with some great options to get your creative juices flowing – and help you find the perfect slogan for your ice cream shop.

  1. Better Ingredients, Better Ice Cream
  2. Always Hand Dipped
  3. Anytime Delight
  4. Cheaper Than Therapy
  5. Chill Time
  6. A Simple Guilty Pleasure
  7. Coolest Treats Since 1990
  8. Pleasure By the Pint
  9. We All Scream for Ice Cream
  10. Childhood Memories Made
  11. Simple, Natural, Delicious
  12. A Quart of Love
  13. Icy Treats Made From Scratch
  14. There’s Always Room for Ice Cream
  15. Ice Cream? Yes, Please!
  16. Old Fashioned Favorites
  17. It’s Ice Cream Time
  18. Just Can’t Get Enough
  19. Ice Cream for All
  20. Ice Cream on a Roll
  21. Ice That Cream, Baby
  22. Mix and Match Ice Cream Delights
  23. Sweetness Overload
  24. Sweet Treats to Go
  25. Ice Cream Madness
  26. Eat Your Feelings
  27. Chill Out Sweet Treats
  28. Dreamy, Creamy Perfection
  29. The Taste of Summer
  30. I’d Walk 500 Miles…for Ice Cream
  31. Get Your Scoop On
  32. Premium Flavors, Premium Taste
  33. Bringing Back the Craft of Ice Cream
  34. Life Is Short. Eat Ice Cream.
  35. Ice, Ice Cream, Baby
  36. It’s Sprinkle Time
  37. What’s In Your Ice Cream?
  38. Get Your Sweet Fix
  39. Ice Cream: Always the Right Choice
  40. Nothing But Ice Cream
  41. Ice Cream: Not Just for Kids
  42. The Scoop Troop
  43. Building Smiles, One Lick at a Time
  44. For the Love of Ice Cream
  45. Every Day Is an Ice Cream Day
  46. Powered By Ice Cream
  47. Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream
  48. You Dream It? We Can Make It!
  49. The Sky’s the Limit
  50. Best Scoop in Town
  51. Stir It Up Ice Cream
  52. Your Diet Starts Tomorrow
  53. Mix-ins and More
  54. A Bite of Heaven
  55. The Cherry on Top of Your Day
  56. Take a Ride on Our Rocky Road
  57. The Sweetness You Deserve
  58. Better Than a Hug
  59. We’ve Got the Scoop
  60. Not Your Mama’s Ice Cream
  61. The Only Swirlie You’ll Ever Want
  62. Cone Together
  63. Life Is Too Short for Vanilla
  64. The Secret to Happiness in a Cone
  65. Good to the Last Lick
  66. Sweet Memories, One Scoop at a Time
  67. Just What the Doctor Didn’t Order
  68. Nonstop Ice Cream
  69. The Scoop You Can’t Skip
  70. Ice Cream: It’s What’s for Dinner
  71. Because You’re Worth it
  72. Ice Cream Makes Your Hard Day Better
  73. The Ice Cream that Rocks…and Rolls
  74. Ice Cream for All
  75. A Lick Above the Rest
  76. There’s More Than One Way to Eat Ice Cream
  77. What’s the Scoop?
  78. Low in Fat, Not in Taste
  79. Anything’s Possible with Ice Cream
  80. Ice Cream Magic, Delivered to You
  81. Creamy By Nature
  82. It’s What Happy Tastes Like
  83. A Taste of Heaven on Earth
  84. Cold Cones, Warm Hearts
  85. You Can’t Get This at the Grocery Store
  86. For the Kid in You
  87. Melt Your Worries Away
  88. Simple Ingredients, Amazing Ice Cream
  89. Eat Dessert First
  90. Making the Streets Sweeter
  91. For the Love of Ice Cream
  92. Cool Treats for the Summer Heat
  93. The Best Thing to Happen to Dairy
  94. Scoops of Happiness
  95. No Nuts About It
  96. All Ice Cream, All of the Time
  97. The Art of Ice Cream
  98. Long Live Ice Cream
  99. Leaner, Meaner Ice Cream
  100. Adulting Is Hard. Eat Ice Cream.
  101. The Ice Cream Dream
  102. Less Talk, More Ice Cream
  103. Life Is Too Short to Eat Bad Ice Cream
  104. Freshly Made Just for You
  105. All You Need Is Ice Cream
  106. Often Licked, Never Beaten
  107. Ice Cream Fixes Everything
  108. Turning Moments into Memories
  109. Ice Cream: Always a Good Idea
  110. Your Daily Dose of Delight
  111. Treat Yo’Self
  112. The Sweetest Sound on the Block
  113. Balance Your Diet with a Cone for Each Hand
  114. Lick This!
  115. Where Ice Cream Dreams Come True
  116. Make Your Inner Child Happy
  117. The Sweet Life, Frozen
  118. The Best Things in Life Are Sweet
  119. Ice Cream Solves Everything
  120. Indulge Yourself in a Scoop of Joy
  121. The Ice Cream Dream Team
  122. We’ve Got the Scoop on Fun
  123. Unleash Your Sweet Tooth
  124. The Sweetest Spot in Town
  125. It’s Always Ice Cream O’Clock
  126. A Symphony of Sweetness
  127. Making Ice Cream Magic
  128. It’s Worth the Brain Freeze. We Promise.
  129. Every Scoop Is a Celebration
  130. Creating Frozen Masterpieces
  131. We’ve Got the Inside Scoop on Deliciousness
  132. Every Flavor Is an Adventure
  133. Dive into a Sea of Sweetness
  134. Indulge in a Frosty Fantasy
  135. Savor the Sweet Life
  136. Scooping Up Joy
  137. Your Taste Buds Will Thank You
  138. We Make Every Day Sundae
  139. Ice Cream Bliss in Every Bite
  140. Make Every Day a Cheat Day
  141. Making Sweet Dreams Come True
  142. Every Flavor Tells a Story
  143. Treat Yourself to a Scoop of Heaven
  144. Sweet Treats for Sweet Moments
  145. Every Day Can Be Sundae Funday
  146. Sweetness on Wheels
  147. A Sweet Escape in Every Bite
  148. Good Times and Great Flavors
  149. The Sweetest Ride Around
  150. Hear the Jingle, Taste the Joy
  151. A Spoonful of Love in Every Bite
  152. The Scoop of the Town
  153. Turning Calories into Smiles
  154. We Put the Ice into Nice
  155. A Daily Dose of Dairy Bliss

Make Your Advertising Dollars Go Farther with Budget Branders

Ice cream shops can be a great business investment. They typically require minimal equipment and relatively small square footage for customers. Yet ice cream is always popular – and the business can even be open year-round to offer treats like ice cream cakes and more. Marketing your business with custom-printed disposables can be a great way to ensure that your ice cream shop or ice cream truck is a success.

Budget Branders works with small to medium-sized businesses in the food and beverage industry. We know that our customers don’t necessarily have the budget – or the storage space – to order hundreds of thousands of custom dessert cups and other products at once. We offer budget-friendly, high-quality disposable products – such as custom paper cups, custom wax paper sheets, custom napkins, and custom paper bags – in smaller quantities and at great prices.

To learn more or to get a quote on our products, fill out our online contact form, or hit the “live chat” button.


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