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David Kranker

About David Kranker

I have been working in the food and beverage industry since I was 16 years old. My first restaurant job was working as a dishwasher at the Golden Eagle Bar and Grill in Rochester Hills, MI. I have held a variety of restaurant jobs since then at various restaurants, including line worker at the Protein Bar and Kitchen in Chicago. I pull on my 10+ years of experience working in the food and beverage industry to write posts for Budget Branders. I write from the perspective of both an industry worker and an avid restaurant consumer.


  • Dishwasher At The Golden Eagle Bar And Grill: 2010-2011
  • Bus boy at The Golden Eagle Bar And Grill: 2011-2012
  • Line worker at Protein Bar and Kitchen: 2012-2016
  • Server at Brass Ring Brewing: 2016-2018

Favorite Restaurants

I eat at many different types of restaurants, but my favorites include Japanese, Mediterranean, Indian, Ethiopian. I will never turn down the opportunity to grab a bowl of fried rice or aloo matar. I reside in the Greater Grand Rapids area, so you may run into me at restaurants in and around Grand Rapids, MI. 

Additional Hobbies & Interests

While eating and cooking are undoubtedly two of my favorite activities, I do have hobbies and interests outside of those. Additional hobbies and interests include: 

  • Playing guitar and drums
  • Taking photos
  • Writing
  • Drawing and painting
  • Skateboarding
  • Snowboarding
  • Biking
  • Playing video games


Blog Posts Written By David Kranker

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