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Creative Bubble Tea Shop Names

Creative Bubble Tea Shop Names

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Bubble tea has become incredibly popular across the United States. Once limited to big cities, you can now find boba tea stores in small towns throughout the country. This tea-based drink features chewy pearls of tapioca, and is sweet, refreshing, and delicious. 

If you want to jump on the bubble tea bandwagon, now is the perfect time to do so. To start  your own boba tea business, you will need to come up with a name. Our list of more than 200 unique bubble tea shop name ideas will help you develop your own unique, memorable boba tea name.

Based in Michigan, Budget Branders provides high quality custom promotional products to businesses throughout the United States. We have a full range of disposable products for bubble tea shops, including custom boba tea cups and custom sealing film. Reach out today to talk to our branding team about our products and options for customization.

Naming Your Bubble Tea Shop

Bubble tea – also referred to as boba tea – originated in Taiwan approximately 40 years ago. It is a cold drink that is made from tea, a sweetener, ice, and tapioca pearls – the bubbles or boba. These pearls are chewy, and can be sucked up through boba tea’s characteristic wide straw. Bubble tea may also contain other ingredients like jellies, popping bubbles, flavored syrups, and powders.

Bubble tea is definitely having a moment in the United States, particularly among young people. According to one consumer survey, 94% of people between the ages of 20 and 29 had bought boba tea in the preceding 3 months. It isn’t unusual to find a plethora of boba tea shops anywhere that younger people tend to be – such as college campuses, shopping centers, and even at sporting events.

If you want to open a bubble tea shop, you may be brainstorming possible names. Picking out a name for your restaurant can be challenging. You want the perfect name – one that is memorable and that will help to draw in new business. It should also be the type of name that you can put on your plastic boba tea cups and other products to increase your branding efforts.

When picking a restaurant name, there are a few things to think about as you brainstorm. First, the name should be unique both to avoid intellectual property issues and confusion with other brands. Second, it should be relatively short and easy to pronounce. Third, it should tell a story about your business and what you are selling. Fourth, it should not be offensive so as not to turn off potential customers. 

This last point is particularly important when selling a beverage that originated in Asia and is commonly associated with Asian people. You don’t want to pick a name that mocks Asian people or could be viewed as offensive. If you aren’t certain, consider talking to people in your community that can provide an outside perspective.

When coming up with a list, you can start by listing out ideas related to your:

  • Restaurant concept: for a boba shop, that will be selling boba tea. But you might want to incorporate words related to your physical store (a food truck versus a cafe, for example), other food or drinks that you plan to sell, and even a particular style of boba tea that you will sell (such as popping boba).
  • Your values: if your bubble tea shop has particular values, such as a commitment to organic ingredients, you could include it in your name.
  • Your potential customers: your name should reflect your likely customer base. If that is young people, for example, you can probably get away with a more offbeat or funny name.
  • Your vision for the future: any name that you choose should stand the test of time. Consider where you want your bubble tea shop to be in 5, 10, or even 20 years. Will your name still be relevant down the road? 

One of the best ways to pick a name for your restaurant is by making a list of words that you associate with your company. For a bubble tea shop, that could be words like chewy to describe the texture of the tapioca pearls, the ingredients you use, your name or location, or a play on the words boba or bubble. Using those words, you can then come up with a list of names – using puns, cultural references, or just a name that sounds good to your ears.

Once you have a list of potential names, you should do an online search to make sure that they aren’t already taken. You should also show your list to people who aren’t immediately involved with your business – like friends and family or fellow small business owners – who can offer a more objective view on your ideas. Getting feedback from others can help you be more certain that the name that you are choosing truly works for your business.

If you are truly stuck, you can try using our restaurant name generator. This tool lets you input a few key words before providing you with a list of options based on those words. It can be a fun way to get ideas – which you may decide to use, or may provide inspiration for a completely different name!

200+ Bubble Tea Shop Names

Boba tea shops are all the rage. Coming up with a fun or interesting name for your bubble tea business can help to set you apart from the crowd. The following are some ideas to get you started.

Bubble Tea Shop Names With Puns

  • Boba Boomers
  • Tea-Riffic Teas
  • Teagasm
  • Teaista
  • Burst Your Bubble
  • Tea-riffic Brews
  • TasteTea Treats
  • Burst Our Bubbles

Bubble Tea Shop Names With Cultural References 

  • Pour Some Boba on Me
  • Bippety Boppity Boba
  • Dragon Ball Tea

Bubble Tea Shop Names With Alliteration

  • Boba Bliss
  • Tea Tonic
  • Boba Boulevard
  • Tasty Tea
  • Tropical Tea
  • Tea Time
  • Bubble Buddies
  • Boba Bliss
  • Boba Bonanza
  • The Tea Tornado
  • Boba Bar
  • Boba Barista
  • Bubble Buzz
  • Bubble Bliss
  • Tapioca Tea Time
  • Bangin’ Boba
  • Bob’s Boba 
  • The Boba Box
  • Boba Bar
  • Bubble Blast
  • Bubbling Boba Co.
  • Boba Bonanza
  • Boba Breeze
  • Boba Blast
  • The Bubble Bite
  • Binge of Bubbles
  • Pearl Perfection
  • Tapioca Tea Time
  • Bubble Buzz
  • Boba Burst 
  • Boba Boss
  • Bountiful Boba
  • The Tapioca Twist
  • Bubbles of Bliss
  • The Boba Babe
  • The Boba Break
  • Brilliant Bubble Tea
  • The Bubble Beat
  • The Bubbly Boba Co.

Bubble Tea Shop Names With Rhymes

  • Bubble Trouble
  • Soba & Boba
  • Sea of Tea

Other Creative Bubble Tea Shop Names

  • Bubbleicious Cafe
  • Bobalicious
  • Bubbletastic
  • The Bubble Tea Factory
  • The Boba Parlor
  • Bobalicious Delights
  • Boba Kingdom
  • Boba Tea House
  • The Bubble Tea Spot
  • Taiwanese Tea Shop
  • Boba Fix
  • Fortune Tea
  • Mr. Boba
  • Teavana
  • Teaism
  • Boba World
  • Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere
  • The Boba Haven
  • Boba Nirvana
  • Boba City
  • The Boba Cove
  • Bubble Tea Zone
  • Boba 2 Go
  • Boba Time
  • Bobaville
  • Boba Cafe
  • The Sugar Bubble
  • Go Boba
  • Tao of Boba
  • Boba Station
  • Boba World
  • The Bubble Tea Lab
  • Bubble Pop Tea
  • Sweet Bubble Tea
  • Boba Teatopia
  • Sippin’ on Boba
  • Sweet Pearls
  • Boba Hut
  • Boba All Day
  • Just Bubbles
  • Pop! Tea
  • The Bubble Connection
  • Boba Is Life
  • Bubble Tea & Bites
  • Dragon Bubble Tea
  • Poppin’ Bubbles Tea House
  • The Bubble Room
  • All Bubbled Up
  • The Boba Lounge
  • Take a Bubble Break
  • The Boba Basket
  • Boba All Day
  • Boba Express
  • Bubble Panda
  • The Boba Guys
  • Tiger Boba
  • Green Tea Boba & More
  • Bubble Tea Bonanza
  • The Boba Lab
  • Poppin’ Boba
  • Bubble Tea Bar
  • The Boba Nook
  • The Bubble Stop
  • Crazy for Boba
  • Bubble Tea Delight
  • Bubble Junction
  • I Dream of Bubble Tea
  • Sweet Sippers
  • Bubbletopia
  • The Boba Zone
  • The Tapioca Shop
  • Boba Pearl Palace
  • Boba Magic
  • The Milky Way Boba Shop
  • Bubbly Delights
  • Tea Time Boba
  • Pearl Tea Paradise
  • Bubbly Perfection
  • Bubble Avenue
  • Sip Sweet Boba Tea
  • Bubble Joy
  • Sweet Tea Sensations
  • Bubble Republic
  • Boba Dreamland
  • Bubble Perfection
  • The Sugar Sphere Tea Shop
  • Sweet Tapioca
  • Boba Magic
  • The Boba Ninja
  • The Royal Bubble
  • The Boba Queen
  • The Boba Garden
  • Boba Me Up
  • It’s Bubble Time
  • Boba & Company
  • Pearly Perfection Boba Tea
  • The Bubble Bash Tea House
  • Zen Boba
  • Bubble Pop Cafe
  • The Whimsical Boba
  • Bubble Craze Tea
  • Eat Your Tea
  • The Sweet Sphere
  • Boba Craft Tea
  • Peal Pop Cafe
  • The Bubble Brew Collective
  • The Bubble Leaf 
  • The Tea Pearl Cafe
  • Happy Bubble Boba
  • Boba Crush
  • Chewy Chai Company
  • The Sweet Pearl
  • Tapioca Tea House
  • Savor the Sphere Cafe
  • The Bubble Spot
  • Boba Mixology
  • Bubble Tea Bar
  • Bubble Tea Inc.
  • Tapioca Fusion
  • Boba Paradise
  • House of Boba
  • Boba Your Way
  • A Cup of Boba
  • Heavenly Boba
  • Bubbles Galore
  • Boba Harmony
  • Boba Treats
  • Boba Fresh
  • The Sugar Rush Bubble Tea Shop
  • Bubble Tea Mania
  • The Bubble Factory
  • Boba Oasis
  • Bubble Emporium
  • Bubbles of Wonder
  • The Main Boba
  • The Sweet Sip Bubble Tea Truck
  • Boba & Chill
  • Boba Wonderland
  • Bubble Star
  • You Deserve a Boba
  • Boba Deluxe
  • The Bubble Tea Shack
  • Bubbly Goodness
  • The Bubblehouse
  • Boba Temptation
  • Sipology
  • Bubble Land
  • Pop It Up
  • The Tea Bubble
  • Boba Explorers
  • Boba Craft
  • Bubble Cup Cafe
  • Boba Bubble Junction
  • Bubble Island

Help Your Bubble Tea Shop Succeed with Custom Branded Disposables

Unlike many food service businesses, boba tea stores almost exclusively use disposable products. Bubble tea is served in clear plastic cups, sealed with film, and enjoyed through large plastic straws. Adding your business’ name and logo to these products is an easy, cost-effective way to market your shop.

Budget Branders works with bubble tea stores across the U.S. to provide high quality custom-printed plastic cups, sealing film, paper bags, napkins, and other items. When your customers walk around with your bubble tea – or take a picture for social media – our products will help to ensure that you are passively advertising to potential customers. All of our products are sold in smaller quantities and for fair prices.

To learn more about how we can help you build your bubble tea business, contact us today by filling out a contact form, pressing the live chat button, or submitting a quote request for one or more of our products.


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Creative Bubble Tea Shop Names

Creative Bubble Tea Shop Names

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