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200+ Creative Bar Names

Creative Bar Names

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Bars can be a great investment. With a liquor license and location, you can open up a brew pub, wine bar, trendy lounge, or an old-fashioned dive bar. Because alcoholic beverages have a much higher profit margin than many other menu items, there is a high likelihood of success.Of course, you’ll need more than a license and a place to serve alcohol – you’ll also need things like a business plan and a marketing strategy. The first step for most bar owners is to pick a name. This name should be catchy, easy to remember, and relate in some way to your bar. Our list of more than 200 bar names can help get the creative juices flowing as you decide what to name your bar.

With a factory based in Michigan, Budget Branders works with food service businesses – including bars – across the United States. We specialize in working with independently owned companies that may believe that custom promotional products – like branded plastic cups – are out of reach for them. By selling all of our products in lower quantities and at fair prices, we make it possible for businesses of all sizes to purchase custom-branded disposables and take advantage of these incredible marketing advantages.

Generate A Name For Your Bar

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Choosing a Name for Your Bar

Let’s face it: picking a name for any business can be stressful. You want to make sure that it is right, not only because you’ll be investing a lot of money in signage and branding, but because a good name can have a real impact on the success of your business.

While the thought of committing to a name for your bar may be daunting, there are some steps that you can take to make it a bit easier. The end result should be readily recognizable and easy to remember. Bear in mind that your customers won’t necessarily come to your bar if they can’t think of the name.

There are many different ways to create a memorable bar name. You might want to name your bar after a family member, a favorite drink, or even a bit of pop culture that is important to you. Some bars have funny names, while others try to make a connection to something local. Any name that you choose should be distinct and easy to spell and remember so prospective patrons can find your business on Google.

So where should you get started? Try these steps:

  1. Refer back to your mission statement, which should be part of your business plan. This mission statement should include something about the bar’s core values and purpose. For example, if you have committed to only serving organic wines, that is part of your bar’s mission that could be included in your name. Make a list of things related to your mission statement, such as the type of drinks (and food) that you will be offering, the bar’s planned vibe, the city or neighborhood where it will be located, and any adjectives that you’d want people to use to describe your bar. You can also include any important names on this list, such as the name of the person who inspired you to open a bar.
  2. Use this list to brainstorm name ideas. With the organic wine bar example, you might write down names associated with organic (like green) and with wine (grape) to come up with a name like The Green Grape. Try to come up with as many names as possible so that you will be able to winnow down the list.
  3. If you’re stuck, you can use a bar name generator for ideas. You simply input a few keywords and it will spit out some options. You can also ask family, friends, and members of the community for ideas for a name. When people aren’t as close to the business, they can often come up with ideas that you may never have even considered! They will also be a good sounding board for you when you start narrowing down your list and want opinions on what works (and what doesn’t work!).
  4. Once you have a list, you should check to make sure that it is unique. You don’t want to create name confusion or trigger a copyright lawsuit. Use Google, the Yellow Pages, state corporate name searches, and even the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s search features. If there is a name on the list that is similar to – or identical to – a bar name that already exists, consider scrapping it. If you found a name that you love and no other bar has it – congratulations!

A bar name is important because it is how people remember your business. It is also key for marketing purposes. Your bar name won’t just be in front of your establishment – it will be on your social media, your website, and all of your marketing materials. You may even put it on merch to sell at the bar. That is why picking a great name is so important – and something you should take seriously!

200+ Unique Bar Names

Choosing a name for your bar can be daunting. Our list of more than 200 bar names – some of which exist in real life – is a great place to start. While you may not want to use any of these names for your own bar, it gives you an idea of what is possible.

Funny Bar Names

  • Fool’s Errand
  • Drink
  • He’s Not Here Bar
  • Stumble Inn
  • Holy Spirits
  • Whiskey Business
  • Short and Stout
  • Wish You Were Beer
  • What You Mead
  • Duck & Cover
  • I’d Tap That
  • Nobody’s Inn
  • Make It a Double
  • Cloak and Stagger
  • What Ales You
  • Bottom of the Barrel
  • Grape Expectations
  • Ale Mary
  • Race to the Bottom
  • The Wurst Public House

Bar Names With Alliteration

  • Bridges & Bourbon
  • Lakewood Landing
  • Haley.Henry
  • Lost Lake
  • Rebel Rebel
  • Katana Kitten
  • Tractor Tavern
  • Stems and Skins
  • Big Bar
  • Amor y Amargo
  • Tiki Ti
  • The Gilded Grape
  • Vintage Vine
  • Sideline Sips
  • Pints & Paperbacks
  • Tomes and Tipples
  • Wheels & Whiskey
  • Prohibition Pour
  • Legacy Lounge
  • The Posh Pour
  • Luminous Libation
  • Lounge Lizard Larry’s
  • Alpine Ale
  • Sovereign Spirits
  • The Lagoon Lounge
  • Surfside Spirits
  • Boozy Business
  • Cocktail Classics
  • Ethereal Essence
  • Piper’s Pub
  • Touchdown Tavern
  • Crescent Cask
  • The Laughing Llama
  • The Wet Whistle
  • Prose and Pints
  • The Mellow Mug
  • Thirsty Thursdays
  • Spirited Socials
  • The Rose & Raven
  • Savage Spirits
  • Cocktail Club
  • The Stumbling Scholar
  • The Tipsy Tavern
  • Secret Sip Speakeasy
  • Martini Madness
  • The Giggly Goat

Bar Names With Cultural References

  • Midnight Rambler
  • Lady Jane
  • Mr. Toad’s
  • Attaboy
  • Jekyll & Hyde
  • Neptune’s Tavern
  • Any Porter in a Storm
  • Life of Pi…nts
  • Inn & Out
  • Rum Tum Tugger
  • Wuthering Pints
  • Frank ‘n Stein
  • The Last of the Mojitos
  • The Bard Rock Cafe
  • Brew Ha Ha
  • The Brews Brothers
  • Sweet Home Ale-bama
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Brewing
  • Olive or Twist
  • Tequila Mockingbird
  • Red, White and Brew Bar
  • The Bourbon Identity
  • The Fisherman’s Tale
  • The Handmaid’s Ale
  • A Cocktail of Two Cities

Rhyming Bar Names 

  • Tin ‘n Gin
  • Ride the Tide
  • Libations and Vibrations
  • Five Star Dive Bar

Other Creative Bar Names

  • Nights & Weekends
  • The Inn Hospitable
  • Seanachai
  • Better Half Coffee and Cocktails
  • The Hunny Pot
  • Trick Pony
  • Phyrst
  • Way Out
  • Forget Me Not
  • Proof Bar
  • Space Bar
  • Dusk
  • Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium
  • Kermit’s Treme Mother-in-Law Lounge
  • The Gin Joint
  • The Penny Bar
  • Tiny Victories
  • The Crown & Anchor
  • Hop Sing Laundromat
  • Friday Saturday Sunday
  • Unicorn
  • Death & Co.
  • The Toasted Coconut
  • The Honey Well
  • Cure
  • The L
  • Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29
  • Coyote Ugly
  • Honey Elixir Bar
  • Monkey’s Tail
  • Santa Baby Bar
  • The Cozy Nut Tavern
  • The Abbey Bar
  • Rapscallion
  • Bob & Barbara’s Cocktail Lounge
  • Howl at the Moon
  • Shepherd’s Rest
  • Tattooed Mom
  • Thunderbolt
  • The SOS Tiki Bar
  • The Pig & Whistle
  • The Mermaid
  • Trina’s Starlite Lounge
  • Urban Elixir
  • The Celestial Sip
  • Lush
  • The Punchline
  • The Brewseum
  • Three Witches’ Whiskey
  • Better In Cider
  • The Upside Down Inn
  • The Knotty Hole
  • Quench
  • The Hideaway
  • Rusty Nail
  • The Dry Dock
  • The Enigma
  • The End Zone
  • Malt Flanders
  • The Dugout
  • The Warren Bar & Burrow
  • The Study Hall
  • The Chalice
  • Alibi Bar
  • The Wilderness
  • Infusion
  • The League
  • Barry McBarFace
  • The Watering Hole
  • Malted
  • Lucky 13
  • The Pour House
  • Dew Drop Inn
  • Hooligans
  • The Taming of the Brew
  • Nectar of the Gods
  • The Leaping Hordes
  • The Slam Dunk Pub
  • The Black Wolf
  • The Smelly Cat Public House
  • Velvet Lounge
  • The Penalty Box
  • What’s On Tap
  • Wanderlust Drinks
  • The Crab and Flounder
  • Bar Eleven
  • The Whaling Maiden
  • Half Pint Inn
  • Top Shelf
  • Witches’ Brew
  • The Speakeasy
  • The Leaky Tap
  • The Library Bar
  • In Your Cups
  • The Adjective Noun Bar
  • The Jukebox
  • Gin and Bear It
  • The Golden Ring
  • The Last Call
  • The Three Crowns
  • The Lame Duck
  • The Mix Tape Lounge
  • Bar None
  • The Bad Idea
  • Ned’s Head Tavern
  • Eden’s Brew
  • The Tipsy Cow

Opening a Bar? We Can Help!

Owning a successful business is about more than offering a great product or service. A comprehensive marketing strategy is crucial if you want to get the word out about your bar and bring in more customers. Using custom-printed disposables with your bar’s name front and center is one of the best ways to advertise your business for pennies on the dollar.Budget Branders sells high-quality promotional products to independently owned and operated businesses throughout the U.S. Our company can print your bar’s name and logo on our full range of products, including custom plastic cups, custom stadium cups, custom napkins, and more. We offer all of our products in smaller quantities and at fair prices so that you can afford to serve drinks (and bites) with a side of branding.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help your bar with branding, contact us today or submit a quote request for one or more of our products.


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