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200+ Creative Japanese Restaurant Names

creative Japanese restaurant names

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Globalization and the rise of the internet have made the world seem like a much smaller place. One of the ways that this has manifested is in the food that we eat. Today, it isn’t unusual for the average American to have access to cuisines from all over the world – including Japan.Japanese restaurants are increasingly common in the U.S. as the demand for sushi, bento, udon, katsu, and more has grown. If you are opening a Japanese eatery, it’s more important than ever to have a unique name to market yourself effectively. Our list of more than 200 creative restaurant names can help you get started.

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The Growing Popularity of Japanese Restaurants in the U.S.

It’s no secret that Americans love Japanese food. In the past, Chinese restaurants dominated the food scene in the U.S. – at least in terms of Asian food. Today, more people are interested in a wider range of cuisines from Asia, including Japanese food.Known as washoku in Japan, Japanese food has grown in popularity across the United States. There are approximately 28,725 Japanese food businesses in America. Many of these go beyond what most people think of when they hear “Japanese food” – sushi or hibachi. Today, you can get ramen or udon at noodle shops, enjoy a sweet treat like mochi at a cafe, enjoy katsu or tempura, or visit a Japanese steakhouse. In fact, there are a number of Japanese restaurants in the U.S. that have received Michelin stars!

Many Japanese restaurants in the United States offer a more Americanized version of the cuisine. That being said, you can still find authentic Japanese fare in big cities throughout the U.S. to tide you over until you can make a trip to Japan someday!

200+ Unique Japanese Restaurant Names

With more Japanese restaurants than ever before in the United States, it can be hard to set yourself apart from the competition. One way of doing so is by coming up with a creative, memorable name.Of course, you shouldn’t just pick a random name because it’s funny. Ideally, your restaurant name should have a connection to your mission statement. It should let customers know what to expect when they visit your business: if you focus on sushi, for example, your name might incorporate the word or a style of dining, such as omakase (where the details of a meal are entirely up to the chef).

Before committing to a name, you should do your research to make sure that there isn’t a restaurant with a similar or identical name in your region. You should also check to make sure that the name isn’t trademarked. For example, you might be a big fan of anime and want to name your restaurant after Naruto – but doing so could land you in legal hot water.

Your restaurant name shouldn’t be overly complicated. You want something that is easy for patrons to pronounce and recognize – and that you can easily use to market your business. Think of it this way – if you plan to put your restaurant name on branded take-out bags, it should be easy for potential patrons to spot.

Ultimately, naming your restaurant is an incredibly personal thing. While there are lots of guidelines for how to name your restaurant, you should also think about what is important to you – like the place where your parents were born, or a favorite flavor. Incorporating these words or terms into your restaurant’s theme or name can help to create a more authentic atmosphere, which customers tend to love.

Fried Food Restaurant Names

A lot of people think of Japanese food as healthy – and it often is! But Japanese cuisine also includes its share of fried food. Tempura is perhaps the most famous fried food, but you shouldn’t sleep on delicious, crunchy katsu. If you plan on focusing on fried food, here are some name ideas to help you brainstorm.

  • Tempura Temptations
  • Always Tempura
  • Katsu Sandwich Shop
  • Tempura Table
  • Tempura & More
  • Katsu For You
  • Tempo Tempura

Restaurant Names Based on Places 

One of the best ways to signify that your restaurant serves Japanese food is by naming it after a town, city, or place in Japan. These types of names are often easy to remember, because Americans may have trouble recalling a Japanese word, and most are familiar with the names of cities. Try to pick a place that has meaning for you or that is connected to the type of fare that you serve.

  • Dear Osaka
  • Tokyo Signature
  • Kyoto Maki
  • Little Osaka
  • Tokyo Express
  • Kobe Kobe
  • Ichiban 
  • Kyoto Kravings
  • Nagasaki Nibbles
  • Kyoto Chopsticks
  • Tokyo Kitchen
  • Tomodachi Treats
  • Dokodemo Grills
  • Ikura Island
  • Tokyo Diner
  • Osaka Times
  • Kaiseki Isekai
  • Okinawa Oasis

Noodle Restaurant Names

There is a common misconception that ramen has its roots in Japan, but it originated in China. Nevertheless, Japanese-style ramen is incredibly popular (and delicious). There are also many other fantastic noodle dishes from Japan, such as soups featuring soba noodles or udon noodles. If you’re planning to open up a noodle shop, these restaurant names can give you a jumping-off point for your own brainstorming session.

  • Udon Central
  • Sou Soba
  • Udon O’Clock
  • Ramen House
  • Ichiban Udon
  • The Noodle Nook
  • Soba Surprise
  • Slurp Shop
  • The Ramen Box
  • Beyond Ramen
  • Next Level Noodles
  • Ai Shoyu Noodles
  • Tokyo Noodles
  • Unagi Noodle House
  • Miso Magic Noodle House
  • Udon Wonders
  • Mikado Ramen House
  • Roku Sunset Noodles
  • Shojin House of Noodles
  • Sora Domo Ramen
  • Umami Noodle Bar
  • Rock & Roll Ramen
  • Udon Jutsu
  • Yasaka Ramen
  • Ninja Noodles
  • Ramen Is Life
  • Inaka Noodles
  • Midnight Noodle
  • The Noodle Exchange
  • Tabemono Udon
  • Haute Noodles
  • Noodle Time
  • Soup’s On
  • Star Noodles

Grill Restaurant Names

Who can resist the temptation of a hibachi restaurant? In addition to delicious food, you also get a show – flaming onions, veggies tossed in the air, and more. Japanese grill restaurants are incredibly popular and can be a great choice for a successful business.

  • Yakitori Yums
  • Hibachi House
  • Yakitori Nights
  • The Flaming Table
  • Hear the Sizzle
  • A Grill Time
  • Hibachi & More
  • Wagyu Wonders

Sushi Restaurant Names

In the past, many Americans were reluctant to try sushi, fearful of eating raw fish. Today, most Americans recognize just how delicious sushi is – and sushi restaurants have sprung up around the country. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, try one of these sushi restaurant names for inspiration.

  • Omakase Wonders
  • Dragon Roll
  • Wrap Me Up Sushi
  • Rokko Sushi
  • Sushi Te
  • Nigiri House
  • Akai Hana Sushi
  • Kiku Sushi
  • Sushi from the Sea
  • Sushi Seashore
  • Sushi Shop
  • Dojo Sushi
  • Sushi Love
  • Sashimi-Ya
  • Sushi Kazuya
  • Kantaro Sushi
  • Mako Sushi
  • Sumo Sushi
  • Sushi & Sake
  • Sushi Gen
  • Sir Sushi
  • Sushi Palace
  • Sushi Katsuei
  • Sushi Sen-Nin
  • Zen Sushi
  • Sushi Tsujita
  • Emperor’s Sushi
  • Harakiri Sushi
  • All Wrapped Up Sushi
  • Atomic Sushi
  • Rainbow Sushi Bar
  • Ocean Tales
  • Momo Sushi
  • The Sushi Company
  • Hiro’s Sushi Dreams
  • Kinza Sushi
  • Nori Wraps
  • Rising Sun Sushi
  • Sushi Tower Restaurant
  • Sushi Connection
  • Sushi Season
  • Flying Fugy
  • All about Sushi
  • Rawfully Yours
  • Niji Sushi
  • Sushi Zen
  • Big FIsh Sushi
  • Sushi Soul
  • Yum Yum Sushi & More
  • Roll On
  • Umami Sushi
  • Make Maki Lounge
  • Genki Sushi
  • Sassy Sashimi
  • House of Poke

Fun and Unique Japanese Restaurant Names

Of course, there are plenty of other cool names for Japanese restaurants based on ingredients, style of cooking, or things that are often associated with Japan (such as dragons, kawaii culture, anime, or the color red). Whether you are offering bentos to go, steak, or sweet treats, these restaurant names can help you find the perfect option for your business.

  • The Bento Box
  • Bento House
  • Bento to Go
  • Shokuji Sensation
  • Wok Up
  • Yaku Yaku
  • Natto Nature House
  • Koto Japanese Grill
  • Niku Niku Nii Grill
  • Dragon Meatball Cafe
  • Matcha Cafe
  • Mocha ‘N Mochi Cafe
  • Kawaii Crepes
  • Taiyaki Secrets Cafe
  • Sakura Springs Restaurant
  • Sakura Sips
  • Sake Sake
  • Bento Box Eatery
  • Tashida
  • Miso Memories Diner
  • Tatsu-Ya
  • The Red Door
  • Restaurant of the Rising Sun
  • Kobe Steakhouse
  • Ichibun Donburi
  • Taste of Japan
  • Tanuki Tavern
  • Lucky Dragon
  • Neo Japanese
  • Tokyo Buffet
  • Wagamama
  • Umamichi
  • The Dragon’s Lair
  • Chanohana Japanese Restaurant
  • Wagyu Wave
  • Edamame Eats
  • Kamikaze House
  • Nippon Nom
  • Kappa Maki
  • Sukiyaki-Ya
  • Arigato
  • Shiki-Sankon
  • Shogun Japanese Steakhouse
  • East Meets West
  • Pearl Crab House
  • Shabu Shabu House
  • Tadashi Japanese
  • Miso Hungry
  • A-Won Cafe
  • Hana Mochi
  • Wok-King
  • Tachibana Restaurant
  • Tento
  • Banzai
  • Bento Yo
  • Fuji Kitchen
  • Bonsai Grill
  • Ariyoshi Cafe
  • Fuji Dojo
  • Hamasaku
  • Fuji Dori
  • Aji Ichiban
  • Nippon Cafe
  • Miyako Express
  • Blue Fish Grill
  • The Crab House
  • Feat of Japan
  • Kanoyama
  • Temple Garden
  • Warui Yamato
  • Shibumi
  • Totoraku
  • Yama
  • Manyoki
  • Inshoku-Ten
  • Red Lantern
  • Three Leaves
  • Emperor Fish Grill
  • Samurai Ship
  • Sumuko Cafe
  • Sake Samurai
  • Ginza Dining Lounge
  • Haru Kochi
  • Japanese Garden

Creative Names In Other Restaurant Industries 

You can look beyond our list of creative Japanese restaurant names for inspiration. View some of our other popular creative names lists below.

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