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The Benefits Of Video Marketing For Restaurants

video marketing for restaurants

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Video marketing is not new. Ever since the dawn of television, companies have been marketing their products and services through video ads. But in our modern world, video marketing has changed its face a little. Today, video marketing is a key element to any good restaurant marketing plan. With the proliferation of social media, video marketing is no longer the domain of large national and international franchises. In fact, it can be a cost-effective way to catch the eye of potential customers and boost customer loyalty.

Read on to learn more about how video marketing can skyrocket your restaurant to success.

Videos Are Eye-Catching And Memorable

It’s much easier to scroll past a blog post or image than a video. The unique combination of sound, sight, and movement that videos offer is much more eye-catching to viewers. By uploading videos to your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, you’ll attract the eyes of many more potential customers.

Not only do videos draw viewers in, but they are also more memorable than other forms of media. If someone has seen a video about your restaurant, they are more likely to remember it next time they are considering where to go out to eat. According to a consumer survey, 76% of adults have purchased a product after just watching a video about it. In short, a good video marketing strategy means more new customers in your restaurant.

Videos Are Tangible And Enticing

No matter how gorgeous a food photograph is, it cannot tantalize the taste buds in the way that a video of someone actually enjoying the food can. Watching people eat makes us want to eat too. Especially if the food looks good and the people are clearly finding it delicious. Video marketing is a great opportunity to showcase what your restaurant setting and menu are actually like.

There are so many things you could include in videos about your restaurant. You could take viewers on a tour of your restaurant MTV Cribs style, or teach them how to cook a popular dish like a real chef. Or you could interview the chef and other key team members, or film happy customers enjoying your food. Videos are also a great platform for introducing new menu items, events, or other changes or additions to your restaurant.

Videos Build Trust In Your Restaurant

An ad in the form of an image is often less trustworthy to viewers than a video as it seems further removed from the real thing. As we described above, videos can give your customers an inside view of the goings-on at your restaurant. You can show them the actual setting and food that you really serve. This makes viewers feel connected to your business and they feel more confident that eating there will be a good experience.

Plus, if your videos are entertaining, customers will keep watching them. This will ensure your restaurant remains in the top of your customers’ minds and will enhance brand loyalty. If you

sometimes include customers in your videos, this could be a further incentive to eat at your restaurant and follow your socials.

Videos Can Be Entertaining And Informative

The video format is a fantastic way to get across information in an entertaining way. As a small business owner who believes in your restaurant, there’s probably a lot you want customers to know about your food and business. However, most people are not going to read a long-winded blog post as they scroll through social media.

But a 30-second to 2-minute video is the perfect medium to convey information about your restaurant and food in a detailed yet concise manner. With a video, you can provide details and highlight the food you serve. Combined with mouthwatering visuals and a good backing track, viewers may actually stop to listen. Through video, you can tell customers more about your business in a way that interests them, so that they gain a deeper appreciation of what you do.

Videos Improve Your SEO

In today’s world, a good SEO ranking is crucial to expanding your customer base and achieving business success. You’re probably aware of the importance of using particular keywords and formats. But did you know that including a video on your website means it is more likely to rank higher on Google?

As we described above, videos are eye-catching. People are much more likely to spend time watching a video on your website than they are to read a blog post. And whenever people spend a significant amount of time on a website page, Google analytics see this as a sign that you have valuable content.

When you upload a video onto your site, make sure it is SEO optimized. That means including captions and SEO-oriented descriptions that include keywords directly related to the video content. If you’re uploading your video to YouTube or another social media site, don’t forget to include a link to your website so viewers can learn more!

Videos Show Great ROI

Ultimately, the question you need to ask before deciding on any marketing strategy is what will the return on investment be? That is, will the revenue this strategy generates be worth all the money and time it takes to implement?

While videos were once the most expensive forms of marketing out there, they are now one of the most affordable. With free software and editing tools online, it is easier than ever to create your own captivating videos. There is not even necessarily any need to hire a videographer—the camera on your smartphone can do the trick.

With the amount of foot traffic and loyal customers videos attract, they tend to provide a fantastic ROI. In fact, 89% of video marketers say videos give them good ROI. Not only do videos generate leads, but they also lead to more direct sales. Adding a link to your restaurant’s booking portal or takeout service in your video’s description is a great way to make this happen.

In a nutshell, videos catch the eye of potential customers and make them stick around. If you are smart about your video marketing strategy, you’ll soon see an uptick in bookings and foot traffic. 

Increase Restaurant Sales With Budget Branders

Videos aren’t the only way to get your brand in front of potential customers. Custom branded disposables have proven to be the most cost effective form of marketing a restaurant can engage in. Your custom cups or bags will leave your storefront and be seen by hundreds or thousands of people before being disposed of. Interested in learning more? Speak to one of our branding experts by pressing the live chat button or filling out a contact form.


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