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How AI Can Be Used In Restaurants

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Recently artificial intelligence – or AI – has been making big headlines.  In fact, the company behind ChatGPT, a generative AI tool, recently stated that AI will replace almost 5 million jobs in the U.S. While this prediction may or may not be true, it is evident that AI isn’t just the future – it’s part of the present reality for businesses.

With all of this chatter about AI, you may be wondering whether it can be used for restaurants. While AI is largely used to support workers in digital sectors, AI could also be utilized by restaurants and other food and beverage companies. With the proper inputs, AI could be used to come up with restaurant menus and names, write pages for restaurant websites, or help you write code for a restaurant website. It can even generate suggested prices and ingredients for your menu items. We even used AI to help write this blog post (though it’s been heavily edited and revised by humans)

At Budget Branders, we know that staying on top of technology and other industry trends can be challenging. Our goal is to make one part of the process as simple as possible: getting high-quality custom-printed disposable products for your restaurant. Reach out today to talk to a member of our team about how you can get branded products at a great price.

What Is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) involves the use of machines (often computer systems) to simulate human intelligence processes. Generally, these systems work by taking in large amounts of data, analyzing the data for correlations and patterns, and using these patterns to make predictions about what may happen in the future. 

For example, a chatbot tool is provided with examples of text in order to generate conversations with people that simulates a conversation with another human. Similarly, an image recognition tool is given millions of examples so that it can learn to identify and describe objects in images. New generative AI tools can create realistic images, text, music, and other media.

Programming for AI systems focuses on four types of cognitive skills that humans possess:

  1. Learning, which involves acquiring data and creating rules (known as algorithms) for how to turn it into actionable information;
  2. Reasoning, which focuses on choosing the proper algorithm to reach a desired outcome;
  3. Self-correction, where the system continuously fine-tunes algorithms to provide the most accurate results; and
  4. Creativity, which involves using various techniques such as neural networks and statistical methods to generate new ideas, music, images, and/or text.

There has been a lot of buzz about AI lately, and for good reason. AI can be used by businesses to automate tasks that were previously done by humans, such as customer service, detecting fraud, and quality control. It is particularly useful for repetitive tasks that require a lot of attention to detail, such as scanning electronic files to ensure that all fields were properly completed. 

AI has the potential to change the way that we live and work. For businesses, AI systems can often be more efficient than hiring a human to perform the same task. AI can also make our lives as individuals easier, such as map applications on our phones that not only tell us which route to take but can also alert us to traffic and other issues. Many of us use other forms of AI on a daily basis, whether we use our face to open up our phone or use autocorrect when writing out a text or email.

While there are some downsides of AI – including the potential to eliminate human jobs and biases that may be baked into algorithms – there are many advantages, especially for businesses. When used correctly, AI can reduce the time needed to complete data-intensive tasks, save labor, deliver consistent results, and improve customer service. This is true for almost any business – including the restaurant industry.

How Can AI Be Used by Restaurants?

When most people think of applications for AI, they probably consider industries that rely heavily on computers and/or technology. For example, it makes sense that a credit card company would use AI to detect fraud by analyzing millions of transactions. But can AI be used in a field that predominantly involves work away from computers? There are several potential ways that AI can be used by restaurants. 

Accounting & Inventory Management

First, many restaurants rely on accounting, point of sale (PoS), and other software to manage their business. Ai can be used as part of these systems to save money, increase efficiencies, and reduce waste by:

  • Integrating inventory and purchasing systems with PoS systems in order to make real-time recommendations for purchasing ingredients and supplies;
  • Tracking staffing and sales data to staff the restaurant appropriately based on this information; and
  • Optimizing food deliveries to keep guests in the loop about their orders and to help drivers avoid traffic and other issues;

Tools like 5-Out can use predictive intelligence to forecast demand for future staffing and inventory needs. 

Placing Orders & Answering Phones

Restaurants have had difficulties keeping up with demand in the past few years and phones often go unanswered due to staff being unavailable when calls come in. Owners lose out on thousands of sales each year because the phone isn’t being answered. 

AI phone technology like can help restaurants avoid missing calls when they’re busy. AI technology can take messages, add a guest to the waitlist, make reservations, and even answer frequently asked questions. AI can also be used for self-service ordering and other technological advances. 

How good could AI get at answering the phones? While it isn’t currently available to businesses, you can hear how natural the upcoming Google AI assistant sounds on the phone in the video below.

Staff Training

Videos are often better for training than text documents. Tools like Synthesia can effortlessly  turn your training documents into training videos. You can either write your own training scripts or use AI to write the training script for you and then take the script over to Synthesia. 

training script

You can view the Synthesia product demo below. Of course, you’re going to want to be able to show some actions within your restaurant as part of your training. You can shoot some video footage inside your restaurant and cut it into your Synthesia videos. 

Creating A Restaurant Name

Working on starting a new restaurant? Generative AI – technology that generates new content – can also be helpful for restaurants. You might plug in some basic information into an AI tool to generate a unique name for your restaurant. You can see some of the creative French restaurant names Chat GPT generated below.

french restaurant names

Writing Content For Your Website, Social Media, Or Email Campaigns

Alternatively, you could use AI tools like ChatGPI to write pages for your website or even come up with code to modify or fix your site. 

restaurant about page

Developing A Restaurant Menu

Want to refresh your menu? AI can be used to develop a restaurant menu, including listing the ingredients for each menu item. You can even ask AI to generate base prices for each item on the menu. 

burger menu

Have inventory that you need to get rid of quickly? AI can also help you create a special menu item with that inventory to put it to good use. 

extra ingredients

As AI becomes more popular – and less expensive – more technologies may become available in the industry. While many restaurant owners may prefer to stay low-tech, others may find that these tools make their jobs easier – and their restaurants more profitable. 

Risks Of Using AI For Content Marketing

It’s important to note that while we’ve made great advancements in artificial intelligence technology, AI isn’t error-free. Artificial intelligence does a great job of making up stories, but it currently has trouble differentiating between prompts where you want things to be fictional and prompts where you don’t. AI will sometimes make up places, people, details, etc. that are not real. 

For this reason, it’s important to proofread any content you ask AI to produce if you’re using it to create content that you will post publicly. The last thing you want is for your restaurant to unknowingly start to spread false information. 

Reach Out to Budget Branders Today

In today’s economy, restaurateurs don’t just have to keep up with food trends – they also have to stay on top of the latest technology. Love it or hate it, tools like AI can help you run your restaurant more efficiently and cut costs. These tools may even take some of the work out of things like developing a website.

Based in Michigan, Budget Branders supplies restaurants, bars, breweries, coffee shops, and other businesses throughout the United States with high-quality disposable products. Whether you need custom plastic cups or take-out bags, we offer all of our products at prices and in quantities that work for independently-owned establishments.

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