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The Best Restaurant and Bar Security Systems

Restaurant Bar Security Systems

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Building a successful business is hard work – and requires a substantial investment of capital. Whether you are just starting out or have an established restaurant or bar, you will want to protect your investment. But what type of security should you use?

In recent years, a number of lower cost security systems like SimpliSafe have become popular. Yet, for bar and restaurant owners, these options generally aren’t enough to protect your business. Unlike the average homeowner, you may have hundreds of people in your establishment each day – and your employees likely have access to cash and high value inventory as well.

A customized security solution can address all of your concerns as a restaurant or bar owner, from panic buttons to fire prevention and loss prevention. Below, we list some of the top choices for restaurant and bar security systems.

Why Do I Need a Security System for My Restaurant or Bar?

The average bar or restaurant has people coming in and out every single day: customers, employees, delivery drivers, and even health and safety inspectors. With tight profit margins, it is incredibly important to make sure that your business isn’t put in jeopardy through losses that may be preventable.

Restaurants and bars have to consider a number of potential issues:

  • Robberies, either during operations or after hours;
  • Vandalism;
  • Employee theft; 
  • Spoilage of perishable foods;
  • Fire and/or water damage; and
  • Guest safety.

A comprehensive security system can help you address each of these issues with features like silent and/or audible alarms, video surveillance, panic buttons, fire alarms, safe locks, and temperature monitoring solutions.

Commercial security systems aren’t cheap. Nevertheless, over time they will probably be less expensive than paying out of pocket for various losses or increased insurance premiums due to claims. In fact, your commercial insurer may require you to install a security system as a condition of coverage.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), businesses can reduce their vulnerability to theft in a number of ways, including having strong doors and locks, installing a security system, and adding exterior lighting. When it comes to theft by employees, loss control experts recommend putting a system in place that increases the chances of discovering the loss and decreases the likelihood that an employee will even attempt to commit a theft. A security system is a great way to achieve these goals.

Simply put, a high quality security system is the best way to protect your business. Even the most conscientious business owner can’t be at the restaurant or bar 24 hours a day – and they can’t keep an eye on everything. A security system is one of the most effective ways to monitor the premises and reduce the chances of a robbery or theft.

Best Options for Restaurant and Bar Security Systems

Choosing a security system can be overwhelming. Lots of companies offer security systems for bars and restaurants, from newly-established companies that provide do-it-yourself WiFi-enabled systems to local businesses that offer more conventional solutions.

Before making a decision about what security system you want, make a list of what you think you may want. If your bar or restaurant is located in a high-crime area, you may be more concerned about robberies or break-ins. Alternatively, your biggest worry might be that employees are stealing cash or inventory.  Think carefully about your budget and the must-have components – and then take a look at our list of great security companies for restaurants and bars.

CPI Business

Based in the Southeastern U.S., CPI Business offers custom security solutions for restaurants and bars, including continuous video monitoring and access control. Their security solutions include a mobile app that can be used to access real-time audio and video streams via your phone. This app also lets you monitor access and will even alert you to changes in temperature in your refrigerator or freezer – giving you peace of mind in knowing that you will know immediately if there is a problem with your refrigeration systems.

In addition, you can view multiple video camera feeds simultaneously. CPI Business’ monitors also use video and audio verification when dispatching police. Multiple national brands, including Wendy’s and Five Guys, use CPI Business for their security systems.

Stanley Security Systems

If you are looking for a comprehensive alarm system, Stanley Security Systems. This company operates globally, offering security solutions in 27 countries. It offers intrusion alarms, access control systems, silent alarms, panic buttons, video surveillance and monitoring, fire alarm systems, monitoring solutions and safe locks. It is a particularly good choice for anyone with multiple locations, as it can be set up via a master plan with one point of contact.

Like CPI Business, Stanley offers audio-verified intrusion technology. It also runs regular test and inspection services for fire alarm systems for compliance and safety. If you are concerned about hold-ups, its panic buttons are a great choice. Stanley also offers equipment monitoring systems to reduce food waste, and even has a contact tracing system – which is especially important in the COVID-19 era.

ADT Commercial

ADT is a familiar name to many consumers. In addition to their home security systems, they also offer solutions for business through ADT Commercial. Available nationally, ADT Commercial offers customized security systems.

Its options include access control, intrusion detection, badging systems, visitor management, fire and light safety, video surveillance, and an emergency responder communication enhancement system. It also can include specific components that can address other issues, such as infrastructure as a service and risk assessment and management.


If your biggest concern is break-ins, then Sonitrol might be the best security system for you. This company provides individually designed and installed security solutions. They use intrusion detection technology to dispatch law enforcement quickly. According to Sonitrol, they have the highest apprehension rate and lowest false alarm rate in the industry.

In addition to standard security solutions like intrusion alerts, fire alarms, video surveillance, and access control, Sonitrol also has restaurant-specific offerings such as freezer and kitchen temperature monitoring. If their system fails and a forced entry is not detected, the company offers a $5,000 performance warranty.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls offers security systems that are designed for restaurant and entertainment locations (like bars). Their top features include temperature and humidity monitoring, remote video escort for cash transfers, and real-time fleet and driver monitoring. In addition, Johnson Controls also offers intrusion detection, video surveillance, commercial fire safety systems, and access control.

With remote management, you can access these tools through your phone, computer, or any other form of web access – from anywhere in the world. Its systems can also include video analytics for insight into customer traffic and customer service.

Grow Your Business with Budget Branders

Running a profitable bar or restaurant can be quite a challenge, especially during a pandemic that has led to closures, reduced capacity, and other limitations on doing business. The last thing that your business needs is a loss that may have been preventable – such as from a robbery, employee theft, or spoiled food from equipment malfunction. A security system can help you avoid these types of events.

To maximize your profits, consider custom-branded disposable products to increase your marketing efforts. Budget Branders offers a full range of disposables that can be printed with your logo, and/or slogan including disposable cups, coffee sleeves, take-out bags and bowls. We offer all of these items at prices and in quantities that work for small and medium-sized restaurants and bars.

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