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Fast Food Restaurants That Offer All Day Breakfast: The Full List

all day breakfast

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There is a well-known scene in the Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy where his character, Sonny Koufax, arrives at McDonald’s for breakfast only to learn that they are no longer serving his favorite meal. He then proceeds to have a meltdown alongside the little boy that he is taking care of…going so far as to throw a stranger’s fries on the ground.

While most of us probably wouldn’t freak out if we couldn’t get McDonald’s breakfast, we can probably empathize with the disappointment that Sandler’s character felt when he couldn’t get a fast food breakfast. Fortunately, a lot has changed since that movie was released. Today, there are many fast food restaurants that offer all-day breakfast – and we have made a list of these establishments for you.

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Why So Many Fast Food Chains Are Offering Breakfast

In recent years, you may have noticed that more fast food restaurants have breakfast items on their menu – even chains that aren’t normally associated with breakfast foods. For example, Taco Bell started offering breakfast in 2014, even though it is mostly known for offerings like the Mexican pizza and Crunchwrap Supreme. In 2020, Wendy’s also started offering breakfast – something it hadn’t done since 1985.There is a simple reason why more fast food restaurants are adding breakfast to their menus: it’s profitable. Breakfast staples like eggs are easy and cheap to make, and they’re also popular. Fast food restaurants have also invested in technology to automate the process as much as possible and get people on their way more quickly.

For consumers, fast food breakfast is attractive because it can make a hectic morning that much easier – especially if they can get a cup of coffee to go with a donut, breakfast burrito, egg sandwich, or other treat. Breakfast foods also tend to be less expensive compared to lunch or dinner, which is particularly important with rising food prices due to inflation.

Many fast food restaurants derive 15 to 20% of their profits from breakfast. Offering breakfast is also a great way to build consumer loyalty – especially if you offer these coveted items all day long. While not all fast food restaurants have all day breakfast, there are many that allow customers to get breakfast whenever they want. Below, we break down the full list of fast food restaurants that offer all-day breakfast.

Fast Food Restaurants That Offer Breakfast All Day

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. It also happens to be a meal that is delicious whether it’s eaten at 7 a.m. or 7 p.m. Concepts like “brinner” and “brunch” exist for a reason – because we are down to eat breakfast foods at almost any time.As described above, many fast food chains have started offering breakfast. Yet most of these restaurants only sell breakfast foods for a limited period of time (typically starting when the restaurant opens and ending between 10:30 and 11:00 a.m.). But there are many chains that offer breakfast all day. Our list of all-day fast food breakfast options will help you decide where to snag your next meal.


Formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts, it probably isn’t surprising that this chain offers breakfast all day. After all, it almost exclusively sells foods that are typically eaten at breakfast. Dunkin’ is also known for its great coffee and other speciality beverages.The Dunkin’ menu has expanded considerably over the years. While it still offers its classic donuts and coffee, you can also get a range of other options, from breakfast wraps to muffins to bagels to hash browns. You can order any of these menu items whenever Dunkin’ is open.


Like Dunkin’, coffee giant Starbucks got its start selling items traditionally associated with breakfast: coffee and pastries. Today, it offers a range of breakfast items, including egg bites, breakfast sandwiches, muffins, scones, and even oatmeal. All of these offerings are available whenever the restaurant is open.


Sonic is known for its retro “car hop” service – and for its nugget ice. But it also offers breakfast, including French toast sticks, bagel sandwiches, breakfast burritos, coffee and more. Like all of its menu items, you can get breakfast at Sonic at any time.

Jack in the Box

Known for its burgers and tacos, Jack in the Box is also a fast food pioneer. It was the first quick service restaurant to offer a breakfast sandwich back in 1969. This sandwich is still on the menu, along with breakfast burritos, platters, mini pancakes, and more. Jack in the Box offers breakfast all day, including at locations with 24 hour service. 

White Castle

White Castle may be famous for its burger sliders, but it also serves a great breakfast – all day long. You can get mini Belgian waffle sliders, hash brown bites, breakfast sandwiches and other breakfast items at any time. If you’re lucky enough to live near a White Castle, you can’t miss their breakfast.


Based in the South, Bojangles is known for its biscuits. It isn’t surprising, then, that Bojangles was one of the first fast food restaurants to offer breakfast. At Bojangles, you can get breakfast foods like a sausage egg and cheese biscuits, biscuits with sausage gravy, hash browns, and coffee at any time of the day.

Au Bon Pain

While Au Bon Pain stores don’t have drive-thrus, they do offer quick service food to eat in the restaurant or to take with you. More importantly, their All Day Breakfast menu is available whenever Au Bon Pain is open. You can get more upscale breakfast options here, like smoked salmon avocado toast, egg white bagel sandwiches, oatmeal, and yogurt parfaits.

Tim Hortons

Canadian-based fast food chain Tim Hortons is known for its coffee and donuts. They also offer a variety of other breakfast items, including sandwiches, wraps, muffins, bagels, hash browns, oatmeal, and the iconic Timbits donut holes. While Tim Hortons doesn’t have a huge footprint in the U.S., if you live near the Canadian border, you can enjoy their breakfast at any time.

Einstein Bros. Bagels

A long-time staple in New York City, bagels are now popular nation-wide. Einstein Bros. Bagels is one of several chains that sells bagels across the country. In addition to bagels and cream cheese, you can get a variety of bagel sandwiches throughout the day at their locations.

Panera Bread

Technically, fast-casual restaurant Panera Bread’s breakfast menu is only available until 10:30 a.m. However, they also sell all types of pastries that are typically associated with breakfast. Whenever Panera is open, you can get bagels, muffins, croissants, cinnamon rolls, and other baked goods.

Caribou Coffee 

Caribou Coffee is a Minnesota-based coffee chain with outlets across the country. They offer coffee and tea throughout the day, along with an all-day menu of breakfast foods like maple waffle sandwiches, apple fritters, bagels, muffins, breakfast burritos and souffles.


McDonald’s is perhaps the fast food restaurant that is best-known for its breakfast offerings, like the Egg McMuffin and the McGriddle Sandwich. It is also somewhat famous for having a 10:30 a.m. cut-off for breakfast service. Starting in October 2022, it will offer a limited all-day breakfast menu, with McMuffin or biscuit sandwiches available throughout the day (depending on location).


A favorite of mall shoppers and travelers everywhere, Cinnabon is another great choice for all-day breakfast. You can get their scrumptious cinnamon rolls whenever this chain is open for business.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is famous for its incredible glazed donuts. Not only is this chain open 24 hours, but they will even alert you to when their donuts are hot and fresh. If you are craving a donut, you can’t go wrong with Krispy Kreme.

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