Custom Biodegradable Cups

Custom Biodegradable Cup

Looking for custom biodegradable cups to showcase your brand? Look no further than our beautifully printed, commercially compostable paper cups! Let your cup show your company’s commitment to sustainability.Our high quality compostable cups are the perfect canvas for your logo or design. Get your logo printed on a biodegradable cup today!

Custom Biodegradable Cups – Additional Information

Made from compostable paper and lined with commercially compostable PLA material.

Cases are 1000 Cups. There is a 50 case minimum for this product. Store and Ship options available.

Can be custom printed with your logo or design!

Looking for compostable clear cups, double wall, or ripple cups? We have you covered! Please chat, call or email for details.

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Item Sizes Max Unit Price Price per Case (50+) Price per Case (100+)
Custom Biodegradable Cup 8 oz $0.109 $109.00 $99.00
Custom Biodegradable Cup 10 oz $0.119 $119.00 $109.00
Custom Biodegradable Cup 12 oz $0.129 $129.00 $119.00
Custom Biodegradable Cup 16 oz $0.149 $149.00 $129.00
Custom Biodegradable Cup 20 oz $0.159 $159.00 $139.00
Custom Biodegradable Cup 24 oz $0.169 $169.00 $149.00

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The big chains have a couple big advantages you don’t. They brand almost everything that leaves their store, and they get those products at inexpensive prices.

Why do they get such good prices?

Because they order huge quantities from the biggest factories in the world. Most businesses do not have access to these factories.

If only there was a way for smaller businesses to combine their orders to gain access to these factories… Now there is!

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