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ChatGPT Guide

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In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, one groundbreaking language model has emerged as a true marvel of human-machine interaction: ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a cutting-edge language model that pushes the boundaries of what AI can achieve in natural language processing. With its ability to generate coherent, context-aware responses and engage in meaningful conversations, ChatGPT has captured the imagination of millions worldwide. 

The team at Budget Branders has been using ChatGPT since it was launched in 2022. We even wrote a blog post on how our restaurant clients could use AI to improve productivity and profitability. We’ve spent hours creating, testing, and developing prompts so that you don’t have to. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll embark on an exciting journey to explore the inner workings of ChatGPT, uncover its capabilities and limitations, and discover how this powerful AI tool can be harnessed to revolutionize various aspects of your life. Whether you’re a developer, a curious enthusiast, or simply intrigued by the wonders of AI, get ready to delve into the world of ChatGPT and witness the possibilities of AI-driven conversations like never before. We’ve even provided over 250 prompts you can copy and paste into ChatGPT to start maximizing your use of the tool quickly. 

What Is ChatGPT & How Does It Work?

ChatGPT is a large language model-based chatbot. ChatGPT is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) program designed to understand and respond to human language. The chatbot uses natural language processing (NLP) to interpret words and sentences and understand the context between words and sentences just like humans. ChatGPT is considered a large language chatbot because it’s trained on a very large dataset. The AI has digested a vast number of websites, articles, books, and other texts to obtain knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. 

ChatGPT was created by OpenAI, which is a company focused on researching and building generative models that align with human values. ChatGPT was the second AI project released to the public from OpenAI after Dall-E. It was released in November of 2022 and quickly became a viral sensation. ChatGPT has since been adopted by Bing to power Bing’s new chatbot and has been used by some of the world’s largest brands (including Coca-Cola) to produce marketing campaigns. 

ChatGPT wasn’t initially built with any disruptive technology. GPT 3 had been available to the public since 2020 and there were similar AI tools like Jasper that were released prior to ChatGPT. However, the apps simple design and conversational nature combined with its free price tier made it easy to use, which helped to rapidly increase adoption. 

The app is so simple that there are really only two main functions available to users. Users can create new chats and send messages that the AI can respond to. When users type and send a message in the chat, the chatbot will analyze the message and craft an appropriate response. 

ChatGPT 2021 Database

It’s important to be aware that ChatGPT is currently trained on a dataset that ended in 2021. Its ability to discuss current events and access recent data is limited. It’s better to use ChatGPT for information, knowledge, and problems that are timeless as opposed to using ChatGPT to assess current trends and world developments. 

ChatGPT 3.5 Vs ChatGPT 4

There are two different versions of the GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) model that ChatGPT uses: 3.5 and 4. If you’re using the free tier of the ChatGPT software, then you’ll be using version 3.5. Version 4 is only available to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus. You can actually see a toggle between 3.5 and 4 in the free tier with a locked icon for 4. 

ChatGPT 4

As an updated version of the GPT model, ChatGPT 4 is supposed to be more intelligent, more accurate, and more capable of handling longer prompts and conversations. According to OpenAI, ChatGPT 4 is 10 times more advanced than 3.5 and is able to produce responses that are 40% more accurate than 3.5. GPT 4 is better at recognizing user emotions through text like sadness and frustration. It’s also able to better synthesize information from multiple sources with reduced inappropriate or biased responses. Currently, GPT Plus subscribers are also the only ones that get access to ChatGPT plugins, but this may change in the future.

Studies examining the two different versions of the software have yielded mixed results. One study conducted by Standford University found that ChatGPT 4 has gotten worse at solving basic math problems since release while ChatGPT 3.5 has gotten better. When asked to correctly identify a prime number, ChatGPT 4 used to be able to do so with 97.6% accuracy upon release. Three months later, the software identified prime numbers with an accuracy rate of 2.4%. On the other hand, 3.5 increased its accuracy rate from 7.4% to 86.8% in the same time period.

If you’re just getting started with ChatGPT, it makes sense to test out the free version first with 3.5, especially since studies appear to indicate that 3.5 is getting smarter with time. If you eventually need access to longer responses and plugins to improve your workflow, you can then subscribe to ChatGPT Plus with GPT 4. 

How To Use ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT is very intuitive, which has enabled the software to go viral and take the world by storm. You only need two things to use ChatGPT: a web browser, and an OpenAI account. To use ChatGPT, you first need to visit the ChatGPT login page to create an account. When you click the “sign up” button, you’ll be asked for your email address. You also have the ability to automatically create an account via the APIs for Google, Microsoft, or Apple if you have accounts with those brands. 

create account

Once you create your account, you’ll be taken to the app. The layout for the app is very simple. Any past chats will be logged in the dark grey sidebar to the left. The rest of the screen is dedicated to your current chat. You’ll see a “send message” input box at the bottom of the screen where you’ll input your messages to interact with the AI. 

ChatGPT runs on a prompt-based system. You enter a prompt into the message input box and ChatGPT will analyze your prompt and respond accordingly. We’ll discuss prompts in greater detail further down in the guide. When ChatGPT responds to your prompt, you’ll be able to engage in a two-way conversation and respond to anything ChatGPT sends you to refine answers, get clarification, or seek additional information. ChatGPT can retain information from past replies to use in future responses during the chat, but there is a limit to how much the software can retain. For GPT 3.5, the limit is 8,000 words. For GPT 4, the limit is greatly increased to 64,000 words. After the limit is hit, ChatGPT will start to lose track of the conversation and forget things previously mentioned in the chat. 

Responses from ChatGPT do take previous messages from the chat into account. Keep this in mind as you prompt ChatGPT. There are times when it’s better to start a new chat instead of continuing an existing chat to keep ChatGPT from mixing up your current prompt with a previous prompt in the chat. 

ChatGPT is limited to text-based responses, but there are an unlimited number of possible ways you could use the AI app. ChatGPT excels at answering questions, assisting with writing, helping to facilitate learning and research, writing code, translating content into other languages, improving productivity, providing fun text-based games, and more. 

There are 60 million visits to the ChatGPT app each day. When usage is high, it’s possible for responses to be slow. When the app first launched, it was common for users to be locked out of the app until usage decreased enough to support additional users. It’s now much less common for users to be locked out of ChatGPT due to high usage. 

How To Use ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT supports plugins that can be used to add additional functionality to the chatbot. Plugins are currently only available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. The first plugins for ChatCPT included: 

  • Expedia – Have ChatGPT create a travel itinerary that can be booked through Expedia automatically. 
  • FiscalNote – Give ChatGPT access to real-time datasets for political, legal, and regulatory data. 
  • Instacart – Have ChatGPT create a recipe or grocery list and automatically use InstaCart to order everything you need.
  • Kayak – Give ChatGPT access to Kayak to help you plan flights, stays, and car rentals within your budget. 
  • Klarna Shopping – Have ChatGPT assist you in shopping and comparing prices across thousands of different shops. 
  • Milo Family AI – Gives parents the ability to ask Milo what is magic about any given day. 
  • OpenTable – Allow ChatGPT to provide restaurant recommendations and a direct link to book a reservation. 
  • Shop – Give ChatGPT access to search millions of products from some of the largest brands in the world. 
  • Speak – Turn ChatGPT into an AI-powered language tutor. 
  • Wolfram – Access real-time math and computational data through Wolfram. 
  • Zapier – Integrate ChatGPT with over 5,000 other apps using Zapier. 

There are already over 500 plugins for ChatGPT and new plugins continue to be added each month. To use plugins, you’ll need to navigate to the plugin store within ChatGPT and install the plugins you want to integrate with your chatbot. Once plugins are installed they will be automatically used when applicable. You don’t have to select plugins in a chat to have ChatGPT use them. 

How To Use ChatGPT’s API

ChatGPT offers an API that anyone can use to add AI features to any website or app. The company has provided API documentation that can be used to set up the API. This is more of an advanced feature and it will require some coding knowledge. 


If you’re interested in setting up an API, make sure you use OpenAI’s documentation as opposed to asking ChatGPT for help. The API was released after 2021, so ChatGPT has no knowledge of the API and can’t help troubleshoot implementation. 

The Basic Structure Of A ChatGPT Prompt

As previously mentioned, ChatGPT runs on prompts. When you provide a prompt, ChatGPT will respond to it. A “prompt” is just a more technical way of saying that you’re asking the chatbot to answer a question or perform a task. 

Your prompts are going to vary in structure depending on what you’d like the chatbot to do. Generally speaking, most prompts will follow the common structure below. 

Basic Prompt Structure

Acting as a [role] perform [task] in [format]

You’ll have the chatbot step into a role, so that it understands how it should be approaching the task. You’ll then provide it with the task and tell it what format it should be providing its response in. Example roles, tasks, and formats can all be found below. 

Example Roles For ChatGPT

  • Website developer
  • Therapist
  • Marketer
  • Investor
  • Lawyer
  • Data analyst
  • Project manager
  • Prompt engineer

Example Tasks For ChatGPT

  • Conduct SEO keyword research
  • Create ad copy
  • Create a recipe
  • Write an essay
  • Create a cover letter
  • Write a blog post
  • Write a product description

Example Formats For ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a text-based chatbot, so it can only generate results in text formats, but there are several different types of text-based formats ChatGPT can provide results in. ChatGPT can produce results in the following formats: 

  • XML
  • A table
  • A list
  • HTML
  • Plain text

Getting Started With Prompts

Want to jump in and start prompting quickly? One of the fastest ways to learn ChatGPT prompting is to ask ChatGPT for prompts related to your job role. This is a great first prompt to use for ChatGPT: I am a [insert your profession]. Generate a list of the most powerful prompts that will help someone in my profession get more done and save time.

The 250+ Best ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT can be used in a variety of different industries for a plethora of different tasks. We’ve taken the time to compile over 250 of the best ChatGPT prompts sorted by industry and task category. You can use this list of prompts for inspiration to see what ChatGPT is capable of. You can also use these prompts to improve the results you receive from the chatbot. 

ChatGPT Prompts For Marketing

ChatGPT marketing

Prompts For Finding A Target Market

  • List 3 potential niches interested in buying [product].
  • Tell me the growing niches for [business type].
  • I want to sell [product]. It helps [describe what it goes]. Brainstorm 10 possible markets that would require this solution.


Prompts For Search Marketing

  • Write an HTML code for FAQ Page Schema Markup for the following question and answer. [question] [answer].
  • Provide a list of relevant topics related to [topic].
  • Write a detailed blog outline on [topic] with H2, H3, subheading, and bullet points.
  • Provide 10 long tail keywords related to [topic]. Match each keyword with any of the 4 types of search intent.
  • Help me perform sentiment analysis for the following content [content].
  • Translate this text into [language]: [Copy and paste text].
  • What are some alternative ways to phrase the following text in [language]? [Copy and paste text].
  • Generate a list of 10 keyword ideas on [topic].
  • Create a content publishing calendar with 10 content ideas that cover [keyword]. Include the recommended word count and publishing date for the months of [month 1], [month 2], and [month 3].
  • Write a 100-character meta description for my blog post about [topic].
  • Create 15 headlines for Google Ads for [product or service] and make sure the character length is 30 characters or less.

ChatGPT Email Marketing

Prompts For Email Marketing

  • Here is a sales email I have written [insert the email or describe the email]. Come up with a subject line that’s [adjective] and [adjective].
  • Our [product or service] is the perfect solution for [pain point] that many of our customers are facing. It offers [benefit 1], [benefit 2], and [benefit 3] that make it a must-have for [target audience X]. Write a sales email that highlights the product/service and encourages customers to take action.
  • We are launching [product]. The name of the product is [product name]. It is designed for [audience]. These are three main features/benefits [Item], [Item], [Item]. Please write a sales email inviting the reader to buy a product at [percentage]% off.
  • What are some attention-grabbing subject lines for an email about [product/service/industry]?
  • Generate an onboarding email for customers after they have made a purchase. The email should start with a greeting that includes the customer’s name, express gratitude for their purchase of [insert your product/service name], and provide a list of recommended onboarding steps, including [insert your first step], [insert your second step], and [insert your third step]. The email should also offer assistance from your team and provide contact information for them to get in touch, including [insert your preferred method of contact] and [insert your team’s email address or phone number]. Use [insert your name] as the sign-off for the email.
  • Write a welcome email to my customers after they purchased [name of the product]. 
  • Congratulate them for their purchase, and invite them to keep in contact so you can keep helping them solve [problem].
  • Write a 3-email sequence for potential customers who started purchasing [product] but did not complete their purchase. Use urgency by saying their [percentage]% discount will expire in 48 hours, and use a playful tone across the emails.
  • Prompt 1: Analyze the tone of voice and writing style of this text: [insert a text that represents your tone of voice and writing style] Prompt 2: Use that tone of voice and writing style for writing an email that [describe email]
  • Write an email to welcome new customers to [company name]. [describe company].
  • Write an email that welcomes new subscribers to my list, thanks them for opting-in and mentions I will be sending valuable information over the next few days.

ChatGPT Funnel Building

Prompts For Funnel Building

  • What can be the steps of an online funnel that sells a [price point] [type of product] for [niche]?
  • Describe how can I sell [product] using an online funnel.
  • How can I improve this funnel in order to increase sales: [describe current funnel].
  • What should I consider to sell a [price] [type of product] using an online funnel?
  • What are the specific steps to sell a [product] using online funnels?
  • What are some unique and effective online funnel ideas I can use to sell [product] to [niche]?

ChatGPT Facebook Marketing

Prompts For Facebook Marketing

  • Write me 3 Facebook ads based on this landing page: [Copy and paste the landing page text].
  • Can you provide examples of effective ad copy to promote [product] for [audience]? Make sure they are [persuasive/playful/emotional] and mention these benefits: [Benefit 1], [Benefit 2], [Benefit 3]. Finish with a call to action saying [CTA]. Add 3 emojis to it.
  • Brainstorm 20 compelling headlines for a Facebook ad promoting [product] for [audience].
  • I am creating an ad campaign for [product/service] and need help writing copy that will grab the attention of potential customers. Can you help me come up with headlines and body copy that will persuade them to make a purchase?
  • What are 20 possible audiences on Facebook who could be interested in [product]?
  • Write 3 Facebook ads with maximum 40 characters based on this ad copy: [Copy and paste landing page or ad copy].
  • Provide me 3 examples of headlines that grab attention for [product type].
  • Give me examples of catchy headlines for a [topic or product] that will make people want to [desired action]. Make them BuzzFeed style.
  • Can you write an engaging Facebook ad video script on [topic]?
  • Write a script outline for a 2 minute video to sell [product] to [audience], mentioning the following benefits: [Benefit 1], [Benefit 2], [Benefit 3].
  • Rewrite the following copy to be more persuasive and easy to read: [Copy and paste the control copy].
  • I am trying to make my ad copy for [offer] more interesting. Can you help me come up with a catchy headline and a unique selling point that will grab people’s attention?
  • Write an Emotional 500-word Journal Entry from the perspective of [ideal client] who is struggling with [pain points]. He feels [emotions] and wants to [dream outcomes].
  • Describe potential frustrations of someone who wants [desire], but cannot do it because [blocks].
  • Write me 3 angles for ads based on this landing page copy: [Copy and paste text from the landing page].

ChatGPT YouTube Marketing

Prompts For YouTube Marketing

  • Can you write a [type of text] on the topic of [subject] [additional details]. Then turn it into a powerful YouTube video script.
  • Can you write an engaging YouTube video script on [topic]?
  • Can you write a 500-word blog post on [topic], mentioning these benefits: [Benefit 1], [Benefit 2], [Benefit 3]. Then turn it into an engaging YouTube video script.
  • Brainstorm 5 attention-grabbing headlines for this text: [copy and paste the transcript of the video].
  • Write 5 attention-grabbing headlines for a YouTube video on [topic].
  • Write a 100-word YouTube video description that compels [audience] to watch a video on [topic], and mentions the following keywords [keyword 1], [keyword 2], [keyword 3].
  • What are 10 popular keywords around [topic]? Use them to write a description for a YouTube video that talks about [topic].
  • Can you suggest [fill in the topic] themed thumbnail ideas for my YouTube channel?
  • I need creative thumbnail ideas for my new YouTube video on [fill in the topic]. Can you help me out?

ChatGPT Twitter Marketing

Prompts For Twitter Marketing

  • How can I optimize my Twitter to attract potential customers and grow my brand name in [industry]?
  • What are some effective Twitter strategies for increasing follower engagement and building a strong online presence for my [business] selling [product] to [niche]?
  • How can I use Twitter to build relationships with [target audience] and generate clients for my [type of business].
  • Write a Twitter thread on [topic] for [industry].
  • Write a tweet on [topic]. Give some unique and uncommon pointers.
  • Give a controversial opinion on [topic], then turn it into a twitter thread.
  • Tweet about [topics] in [influencer or author] style.
  • Create 10 tweets about [topic] for [audience]. Use statistics and logical arguments.
  • Write a tweet that will go viral and increase awareness about [topic]. Provide 10 suggestions.
  • What are popular topics on Twitter about [topic]?
  • What type of content for [industry] goes viral on Twitter?
  • Write 10 Twitter ads to promote [product] for [niche].
  • Optimize this tweet to go viral: [copy and paste tweet].
  • Tell me 5 characteristics of tweets that go viral about [topic].
  • Create 3 tweets that will be shared widely by influencers in [industry]. Make sure they appeal to [audience] and encourage them to share the tweet.

ChatGPT TikTok Marketing

Prompts For TikTok Marketing

  • Please write a TikTok ad promoting [product] for [audience].
  • I am trying to promote my [product] on TikTok. Can you help me write a script for a creative and catchy video that will show off its features and benefits?
  • I want to create a viral TikTok video that uses humor to promote [product] for [audience]. Can you help me write a script that is funny and relatable?
  • Which hashtags are best to use for a TikTok post about [topic]?
  • What are some trendy hashtags on TikTok about [topic]?
  • What type of content is popular on TikTok around [topic]?
  • What type of content is popular on TikTok around [audience]?
  • Give me 10 ideas for posting on TikTok for [type of business].
  • Create a TikTok post caption for [product or topic].
  • Brainstorm 10 content ideas for TikTok to promote [product or topic].
  • Give me very [funny/controversial/trendy] ideas for a TikTok account that talks about [topic].

ChatGPT SMS Marketing

Prompts For SMS Marketing 

  • Write an SMS (no longer than 160 characters) to introduce [offer] to past customers. Use urgency by saying the promotion only lasts for 3 days.
  • Create an SMS text (no longer than 160 characters) to invite customers to a special [event/sale], mentioning the date, time, and location. The date is [date]. The time is [time]. The location is [location]. Also, mention that the main benefit of attending is [main benefit].
  • Create an SMS (no longer than 160 characters) offering a personalized discount on [product] after someone added the product to cart but did not finish their purchase. Use scarcity by saying there are only 3 units left.
  • Write an SMS (no longer than 160 characters) reminding a customer about a meeting that starts in 1 hour. Mention that the benefit of attending is [main benefit].
  • Write an SMS (no longer than 160 characters) thanking people for opting in and reminding them that their free resource is at [URL].
  • Generate an SMS (no longer than 160 characters) for new leads after they register for [event], reminding them that the main benefit of attending is [main benefit] and that the bonuses for showing up live are [bonus].
  • Write an SMS (no longer than 160 characters) reminding potential customers about [event]. Mention the date, time, and location of the event.
  • Create an SMS campaign with 5 messages after someone books an appointment with [type of business], mentioning the benefits of going to the appointment. Each SMS should be no longer than 160 characters.

ChatGPT podcast marketing

Prompts For Podcast Marketing

  • List 10 questions to ask [type of person] during a podcast about [topic].
  • Provide 10 compelling and engaging podcast titles about [topic] for [audience].
  • Write an outline for a podcast script on [subject], and include [relevant topics].
  • What would [audience] like to know about [guest]?
  • Brainstorm 20 questions I could ask a prominent figure in the world of [industry] about [topic].
  • Can you come up with a warm message for a person, inviting them to my podcast called [name of the podcast]? The topic of the podcast is [topic], and the main benefits of saying yes are [benefit 1], [benefit 2], [benefit 3]. Finish up by saying “if this sounds interesting, please let me know and I’ll send my calendar invite”.

ChatGPT Prompts For General Business Activities

ChatGPT business ideas

Prompts For Generating Business Ideas

  • Can you suggest some business ideas that are currently in demand in [insert industry or country]?
  • I’m looking for business ideas that require minimal investment. What do you suggest?
  • I run this type of business [describe business]. What new products and services can I offer my customers?
  • I’m interested in starting a business in [insert industry]. What ideas do you have for me?
  • I like to [insert passions and interest]. What type of businesses could I create?
  • I am good at [insert skills and experience]. What type of businesses could I create?
  • Can you recommend some business ideas that are suitable for beginners?
  • Can you suggest some business ideas that are popular with [insert target market]?
  • Tell me [number] possible product ideas for a [type of business].
  • Give me a list of 4 product ideas I can create as a [type of business].
  • My customers are struggling with [pain points] and they want to [dream outcome]. 
  • Brainstorm 10 ideas for product I can create to solve their problems.
  • What do you think will be the biggest trend in [industry] in the next 5 years?

ChatGPT Business Plan

Prompts For Creating A Business Plan

  • Write a business plan for my business called [name of the company] that sells [product] to [niche] and wants to [goals].
  • Write a business plan for my business called [name of the company] that sells [product] to [niche] and wants to [goals]. Include an executive summary, financial calculations of expected costs, sales and profit, and company mission and vision. Use a formal tone and statistics.
  • I want to reach [goal] with my company and I require performance targets for my team. Please write an outline of quarterly milestones and roles accountable for each milestone.
  • Write a list of specific, measurable, and attainable goals for [company or project] using the OKR framework.
  • Turn this vision into a SMART goal: [insert vision]. Include the most important outcomes and deliverables.

ChatGPT Vision Statement

Prompts For Creating A Company Vision Statement

  • Generate a company vision statement that includes: Introduction: “Our vision is to [insert your vision statement, such as ‘change the world’, ‘disrupt the industry’, or ‘transform lives’]. Values: We believe in [insert your first value, such as ‘innovation’, ‘excellence’, or ‘integrity’], [insert your second value], and [insert your third value]. These values guide our actions and decisions as we work toward our vision. Call-to-Action: Join us as we work to [insert your vision statement in action, such as ‘create a better future’, ‘inspire change’, or ‘make a difference’]. Contact Information: Contact us by [insert your preferred method of contact, such as phone, email, or chat] at [insert your team’s email address or phone number] if you want to learn more. Sign-off: Best regards, [insert your name].”
  • I’m going to provide you with my vision statement. I need you to evaluate it for clarity, conciseness, and overall effectiveness. This is my vision statement: [vision statement]

ChatGPT Competitor Analysis

Prompts For Competitive Analysis

  • Here are the names of my top competitors in [industry]: [competitor 1], [competitor 2], and [competitor 3]. Generate an analysis of their strengths, weaknesses, and market position.
  • Here is a list of the key products or services offered by my top competitors. [Product 1] by [Company 1], [Product 2] by [Company 2]. Analyze their pricing, features, and marketing strategies to gain insights into their competitive position.
  • Who are my main competitors in the [industry/niche] and how do they compare to [my company/product]?
  • What are my competitors’ [strengths/weaknesses] and how can I use this information to gain a competitive advantage?
  • What kind of [products/services] do my competitors offer and how do they compare to [my company/product]
  • What kind of
    do my competitors use and how do they compare to [my company/product]?
  • What kind of [marketing strategies] do my competitors use and how effective are they in [generating leads/attracting customers]
  • What kind of [content] do my competitors publish and how can I create better content to compete with them?
  • What kind of [social media presence] do my competitors have and how can I leverage social media to compete with them?
  • What kind of [customer service/support] do my competitors provide and how can I improve my own customer service/support to compete with them?
  • What kind of [SEO strategies] do my competitors use and how can I improve my own SEO to compete with them?
  • What kind of [partnerships/collaborations] do my competitors have and how can I establish similar relationships to gain a competitive advantage?

ChatGPT Proposal

Prompts For Writing Client Proposals

  • Write a proposal for my [potential client] who is struggling with [pain points]. These are the services that I offer
    . Make the proposal [describe the tone of voice].
  • Write a proposal for my potential [client] who is struggling with [pain points]. These are the services that I offer
    . Here is my proposed
    and [timeline] for delivery. Make the proposal [describe the tone of voice].
  • I am pitching a project to [insert company/organization name] and need to write a proposal. The project is focused on [insert project scope]. What are the key deliverables and timeline for the project? How will I ensure that the project meets their needs? Write a proposal that is concise and persuasive.
  • How can [services] help a client business in [industry] achieve its goals and objectives?
  • How can a business in [industry] stand out from competitors?
  • How can we help [type of business] improve the efficiency and productivity of another business?
  • What solutions can a [type of business] provide to address any current pain points or challenges in the market?
  • How can a [type of business] assist a client in expanding its customer base and reaching new markets?
  • What steps can a [type of business] take to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  • How can our [type of services] stay ahead of industry trends and innovation?
  • How can [type of industry] demonstrate the ROI and potential impact of its services to clients?

ChatGPT Hiring

Prompts For Hiring

  • How can I create a personalized message for a new hire of [role] that highlights their unique strengths and contributions to the [Company type] team, while also making them feel valued and supported in their new role?
  • What would be a good message to welcome a new hire to [company details] team and provide them with a brief overview of our company culture, values, and goals?
  • How can I create a fun and engaging onboarding experience for a new hire in [company type], that includes opportunities for them to get to know their colleagues, familiarize themselves with our company culture, and understand their role and responsibilities in [role]?
  • How can I create a message for a new hire for [role], that showcases our [company type] commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and makes them feel welcome and valued as a member of our team?
  • Imagine you’re hiring a new [role]. What are some key skills and qualities you would look for in a candidate? What questions would you ask to assess their ability to handle [tasks]?
  • What are the qualifications required for [role] in [type of business]?
  • What is the expected work schedule and company culture for [role] in [type of business]?
  • Can you provide me a step-by-step tutorial on how to hire [role] for [type of company]?

ChatGPT Meeting Planner

Prompts For Meetings

  • I want to create an agenda for a meeting about [meeting info] with my team. Can you give me some examples of what should be included?
  • Summarize the 5 main takeaways from these meeting notes: [copy and paste notes].
  • Summarize the decisions made and the next steps outlined in these meeting notes: [copy and paste notes].
  • Summarize the key points raised, the solutions proposed and the responsible departments in these meeting notes: [copy and paste notes].
  • I need to send a follow-up email to everyone who attended this meeting [copy and paste the transcript of the recordings]. Can you write a summary that I can include in the email?

ChatGPT Prompts For Content Generation

ChatGPT Content Writing

Prompts For Writing Content

  • I’m going to give you content I wrote. I need you to analyze the content I provide you for style, voice, and tone. Then, create a prompt to write a new paragraph in the same style, voice, and tone.
  • I’m going to provide you with content. I need you to summarize it into bullet points that a beginner would understand.
  • Can you provide me with some ideas for blog posts about [topic of your choice]?
  • Can you write a [word count] article about [topic], outlining the [benefits] of [product] for [reader]?
  • Can you write a blog post [for/against][subject] from the perspective of [ideal customer]. Before you do so, state the benefits of reading the article.
  • Can you write a [word count] word article with a [professional/emotional/exciting/fun] tone that explains the benefits of [topic] for [reader]. The article should start by using the PAS formula to compel the reader to read the whole article, and include a call to action in the last paragraph mentioning [offer].
  • Create an outline for a blog post on [topic].
  • Write a case study detailing [topic].
  • Write a comprehensive guide to [topic].

ChatGPT Content Editing

Prompts For Editing Content

  • I’m goint to provide you with content. I need you to change the writing style of the content to [style or tone]. 
  • I’m going to give you a sample of my writing. I want you to criticize it as if you were [role].

ChatGPT Prompts For Web Development & Design

ChatGPT Web Design

Prompts For Designing Sites & Apps

  • How can I design a [industry] website in a way that conveys trust and authority?
  • What are some micro-interactions to consider when designing a [platform type] platform?
  • As a designer, what are some gamification techniques I can add to a [type of app] app?

ChatGPT Writing Code

Prompts For Writing Code

  • Please continue writing this code for [coding language]: [insert your code].
  • I’m making a website for a small business [Business description]. I need ideas on how to structure the website.

ChatGPT Troubleshooting Code

Prompts For Troubleshooting Code

  • Help me find mistakes in the following code [insert your code].
  • My [site or app] is [issue]. Can you provide some possible causes?

ChatGPT Site Functionality

Prompts For Adding New Site Functionality

  • I’m going to provide you with existing code. I need you to edit the code to [what you’re trying to achieve]. Here is the code: [insert your code].
  • I want to implement [site feature]. Can you provide an example of how to do that using [coding language]?

ChatGPT Conversion Rate

Prompts For Improving Conversion Rate

  • Suggest 5 different call-to-actions for this text: [copy and paste text].
  • Suggest the best call to action for a [home/product/about] page for a [type of business].
  • Suggest 5 ways I can tell people to [call to action] in a more persuasive way.

ChatGPT Decision Making Prompts

ChatGPT Prompts For Decision Making

  • I am trying to decide if I should [decision]. Give me a list of pros and cons that will help me decide why I should or shouldn’t do this.
  • Compare and contrast [concept 1] and [concept 2]. Explain their similarities and differences. Use examples to illustrate the differences and similarities. 

ChatGPT For Education

ChatGPT Prompts For Education

  • I want to learn [skill]. Generate a 30 day plan that will help a beginner like me learn the skill from scratch. 
  • Explain [topic] in simple terms. Explain it to me as if I’m a beginner.
  • Give me a short quiz that tests me on [topic].
  • I keep making a mistake while practicing [skill]. [Description of mistake]. Can you explaining what is going wrong and how I can avoid making the same mistake in the future?
  • Analyze the top performers in [field of work]. Give me a list of the most important lessons I can learn from these top performers to improve my performance and productivity. 
  • Can you give me an example of how to solve [problem]?

ChatGPT For Teachers

ChatGPT Prompts For Teachers

  • Create a list of 5 types of data that [subject] teachers can collect to monitor student learning and progress.
  • Create a quiz with 5 multiple choice questions that assess students’ understanding of [concept being taught].
  • Construct a model essay on [topic] that surpasses all these requirements for an ‘A’ grade: [insert assignment requirements].
  • Generate a list of specific and actionable steps that a student can take to improve their performance in [subject/task].
  • Create a lesson outline for a lesson on [concept being taught] that includes learning objectives, creative activities, and success criteria.
  • Create a list of 5 teaching strategies that could be used to engage and challenge students of different ability levels in a lesson on [concept being taught].
  • Create a list of interactive classroom activities for [concept being taught].

ChatGPT Prompts For Investing

ChatGPT Stock Investing

Prompts For Stock Investing

  • What are the stock market trading trends in [year]?
  • What are the pros and cons of buying [stock]?
  • What are some potential growth stocks in the [sectore type] sector?
  • I need you to analyze data from [company name]’s 10-K that I will provide and give me important insights you find in the data: [insert 10-k table data].
  • What might cause [company name] to lose momentum and fail? 

ChatGPT Real Estate

Prompts For Real Estate Investing

  • I’m thinking about buying a rental property in [city or neighborhood]. What can you tell me about the area?
  • What are the short term rental ordinances in [city]?
  • Create a welcome letter for tenants of my rental property. The address is: [address]. These are the key details of the property: [key details].
  • Can you write a 1-year rental agreement? Make sure to include the property address of [address]. The lease will start on [start date] and end on [end date]. You must also include a pet agreement, property rules and regulations, a bed bug responsibility addendum, a mold and mildew addendum, a crime free lease addendum, and a marijuana prohibition addendum. The pet deposit amount will be [deposit amount]. 

ChatGPT Data Science

ChatGPT Prompts For Data Science

  • I want you to act as a data scientist and code for me. I have a dataset of [describe dataset]. Please build a machine learning model that predict [target variable].
  • Can you help me train a [model name]. Please write the code to tune the hyperparameters.
  • I have a dataset of [describe dataset]. Please write code for data visualization and exploration.
  • Please write me a regex in python that [describe regex].

ChatGPT Travel

ChatGPT Prompts For Travel & Tourism

  • What would be a reasonable budget for vacationing for [number of days] days in [city] in US dollars?
  • Pick [number of cities] cities to visit for a [number of days] day trip in [state or country]. 
  • Plan a [budget amount] [number of days] day trip to [location]. Give me the itinerary.
  • Is it cheaper to vacation in [city 1] or [city 2]?
  • What are the top-rated restaurants in [city] with a budget of [budget] per person?

ChatGPT Prompts For E-Commerce

ChatGPT Product Descriptions

Prompts For Writing Product Descriptions

  • Generate 5 product descriptions for my website for [product], emphasizing on benefits and key features of the products.
  • Write a punchy product description on my website for [product] that will grab the attention of potential buyers in under 60 seconds.
  • I am planning to create a product description on my website for [product], the perfect solution for [audience]. Can you come up with an effective description that highlights its benefits and key features?
  • Write a review on how [product] compares to other products in its category in terms of pricing, features, and quality.
  • What are 10 advantages of [product 1] over [product 2]?
  • Give me 10 reasons why [ideal client] would buy [product 1] over [product 2].

ChatGPT Related Products

Prompts For Upsells & Related Products

  • Can you please give me recommendations for similar or complementary products to [product] that customers may enjoy. 
  • What cross-selling opportunities would you recommend for [product]?

ChatGPT customer support

Prompts For Customer Support

  • Create a chat message for [company name] explaining our return policy in a sweet and simple way. This is our return policy: [paste return policy]. 
  • Please provide 5 example phrases that customer service agents can use to display empathy to a customer who had a negative experience.
  • I want you to pretend you’re an angry customer with [product issue] who wants a refund. I will be your support agent. 

ChatGPT Song Creation

ChatGPT Prompts For Song Creation

  • Write a lyrical verse in the style of [artist] about [topic].
  • Modify the following chord progression to make it more like [composer or genre]: [chord progression].
  • Write the lyrics to a song titled [title of the song].
  • Write chord progressions for a [genre] song, with a verse, chorus, and bridge.

ChatGPT Healthcare

ChatGPT Prompts For Healthcare & Wellbeing

  • Come up with 10 nutritious meals that can be prepared within half an hour or less.
  • What are 10 healthy foods I can buy at [grocery store]?
  • I have [symptoms]. What might be wrong with me?
  • Create a 30-day exercise program that will assist me in dropping [number of pounds] in a month.
  • Create a 30-day meal plan that will assist me in dropping [number of pounds] in a month.

ChatGPT Cooking

ChatGPT Prompts For Food & Cooking

  • Can you help me plan a week’s worth of dinner for [number of adults] adults and [number of kids] kids?
  • Generate a meal plan for two days and give me the shopping list.
  • I have [ingredient 1], [ingredient 2], and [ingredient 3]. What can I prepare with them for lunch?
  • I have only three ingredients: [ingredient 1], [ingredient 2], and [ingredient 3]. Can you show me 3 meals that i can cook with these ingredients?
  • What would be a good bottle of wine to serve with [food]?
  • Can you create a menu for a [type of restaurant] restaurant with suggested prices and ingredients?

ChatGPT Sales

ChatGPT Prompts For Sales

  • Create a personalized sales email for a potential customer for my [industry] company selling [product].
  • Write a cold email to a prospective customer to introduce them to my [industry] company and how it can benefit them with [insert unique selling points].
  • What are some creative ways to generate leads for my [industry] company?

ChatGPT Prompts For Resume Creation & Job Hunting

ChatGPT Resume

Prompts For Resume Creation

  • Create bullet points for my most recent [job title] role that showcases my achievements and impact.
  • Create a summary that conveys my passion for [insert industry/field] and my career aspirations.
  • Create bullet points highlighting my experience managing [task].
  • Please review my resume and suggest any improvements or edits: [paste resume].
  • Create a thank you email I can send after an interview for [job role] with [company name].

ChatGPT Job Hunting

Prompts For Job Hunting

  • I am currently pursuing a degree in [degree]. Give me a list of jobs that I could pursue with this degree.
  • What are the skills required to become a [job title]?
  • What are the typical roles and responsibilities of a [job title]?
  • Give me a list of job roles in the [industry type] industry from highest to lowest in terms of salary.
  • I can [skill 1], [skill 2], and [skill 3]. What kind of job roles should I apply to?

ChatGPT Fun

Miscellaneous ChatGPT Prompts For Fun

  • Tell me a joke about [topic].
  • Let’s play 20 questions.
  • Let’s play word association.
  • Give me a riddle to solve.
  • Let’s play Tic tac Toe.
  • Let’s play word ladder.
  • Play Hangman with me.
  • Let’s play trivia quiz.
  • Let’s play would you rather.
  • Can you produce a virtual dice roll?
  • Let’s play rock paper scissors.
  • Explain [topic] in a funny way
  • Write hilarious fan fiction story about [book or movie].

How To Improve Results From ChatGPT

Finding that you’re getting lackluster results from ChatGPT? There are a few things you can do to receive better responses from the AI. Below are the three tricks we’ve discovered in our tests that help improve ChatGPT’s performance. 

Use Extensions To Save Time

While plugins are limited to Plus subscribers, you can utilize Chrome Extensions to improve the performance of ChatGPT on the free tier. AIPRM is a very popular Chrome Extension that gives users access to thousands of pre-engineered prompts. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel coming up with your own prompts when you can use proven prompts to improve performance. 

Create A New Chat For New Subjects

As previously mentioned, ChatGPT’s responses are heavily influenced by past conversations in the chat. If you ask it to write multiple pieces of content in one chat, you’ll find that any content produced will be very similar to the first piece of content produced in the chat. This can be good if you need several things written in a uniform style. However, the information may not be in the right format or it may not be correct if you’re switching between fiction and non-fiction or drastically different subjects. It’s better to start a new chat for new tasks and subjects to keep the AI focused on the task at hand without bias from any past conversations. 

ChatGPT questions

Allow ChatGPT To Ask You Questions

You can improve your prompts by treating ChatGPT like a human employee. When you give an employee a task, it’s common to ask your employee if they have any questions before they get started. You can do the same for ChatGPT to find areas of your prompt that have gaps or missing information. In the example above, ChatGPT is going to be able to write a better marketing email if it knows the business name, target audience, and additional details on the promotion. We didn’t specify any of those details in our initial prompt, but in asking ChatGPT if it had any questions, we receive a reminder to provide those details to improve the email created. Allowing ChatGPT to ask you questions can be a very easy way to receive better results with the AI software. 

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