How To Calculate Restaurant Labor Cost Percentage

How to Calculate Restaurant Labor Cost Percentage

Most people get into the restaurant industry because they love to cook or because they have a flair for providing a unique dining experience. It is rare for a restaurateur to get into the business because they love doing math. And yet so much of your restaurant’s success is dependent on math.  There are a number of critical metrics that a restaurant owner must calculate in order to ensure that their business is profitable. Before even starting your restaurant, you…

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Restaurant Grand Opening Ideas

20+ Restaurant Grand Opening Ideas to Draw in a Crowd

Opening up a restaurant is a costly, time-consuming process. For months – or even years – you have toiled over a menu, branding ideas, a business plan, and legal requirements.  Now the big day is here: you’re opening your restaurant to the public. How can you make sure that it’s a success? There are a lot of things to take into consideration when launching your new restaurant. For example, if you’re located in an area surrounded by office buildings and…

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